Tip for stretching food and dollars with leftover Roast


Since my husband and I are empty nesters we tend to have leftovers whenever I cook a roast. We do enjoy the leftovers but after two or three days either we get tired of the same thing for dinner, or we run too low of the beef roast for a complete meal. Roast is a easy dish to stretch.  A roast beef sandwich and beef hash are the two ways I usually stretch out our enjoyment of a roast. Since I am working on my weigh down, I did not want the extra carbs that a sandwich or beef hash would provide me. So I put my thinking cap on and came up with another idea which I have to say turned out to be great. By adding vegetables and a few other ingredients to the beef I made a delicious left over roast stew.

With money not growing on trees, allowing food to spoil or just saying I am tired of this and trashing it would be a waste of money and food. Below you will find a delicious food and dollar stretching recipe.

Day 1 of course I prepared my roast. I chose to cook my roast in my slow cooker. I used my usual recipe omitting potatoes.

Cooking the roast:

1.Wash and prepare roast with sea salt, pepper, lemon pepper and Italian seasoning.

2. Set oven  to 500 degrees and place a iron skillet in the heating oven. I allow my iron skillet to stay in the oven until the oven has reached 500 degrees and then set timer to 5 min.

3. Turn your cook top burner on high.

4. After 5 min remove the skillet from the oven with care not to burn yourself. Place hot skillet onto hot burner.

5. Place roast with no liquid into the skillet. Allow to cook unturned for 2 minutes. Turn to other side and cook for 2 minutes. This step seals in the juices.

6. Remove skillet from heat and remove roast from skillet.

7. Place roast in slow cooker.

8. Add, tomato rotel, raw organic carrots, half peeled raw organic onion.

9. Cook for 8 hours on low heat.

* If not watching carbohydrates, potatoes may be added


Left over Roast Stew

1.** Chop up left over roast. Add roast to appropriate size pot.

2.** Chop other half of onion used to cook roast a few days ago. Add to roast.

3. Chop up 5-6 small organic carrots. You may also have a few left over carrots from a few days ago.

4. Add small package frozen organic broccoli.

5. Add 1 cup tomato vegetable juice, 1/2 cup chicken broth and enough water to cover.

6. Add salt,pepper, lemon pepper and Italian seasoning to taste.

* If not watching carbohydrates potatoes and corn may be added.

Cook until all vegetables are tender.

This recipe will need to be adjusted to the amount of roast you have left over. Please keep in mind when searing the roast in skillet there will be smoke. Turn exhaust fan on.

Hope you enjoy this tip on stretching your food dollars.

* cooking tips

** money saving step








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