Do Not Kill your Food


If you follow my blog you know how much I believe in organically grown food. However, even organic vegetables can be prepared in a way that destroys some of their nutritional value. If you cook organic vegetables to a temperature over 118 degrees you will destroy some of the nutrients you are trying to receive by choosing organic. I really enjoy the benefits of going to the local farmers market. I enjoy knowing that I am buying vegetables that are as fresh as possible. Once again if you cook them to a high temperature you lose their nutritional value. I have always heard eat raw vegetables when possible. I read an article recently that explains what a raw food diet really means. I learned many things about what is really healthy, when it comes to vegetables, cooked and uncooked.

Food was intended for us to receive nutrition and nourishment for our bodies. It was also intended to fight disease by giving us the vitamins and nutrients our body craves. Somewhere down the line, eating and food became entertainment, a social event, and a form of enjoyment. Raw uncooked vegetables seem to be a bit boring. Cooking, grilling, baking, boiling, toasting and frying became more exciting. Once our food goes through one of these cooking processes, it loses its vitamins, nutrients, minerals and disease fighting abilities. It is “dead”. If food is cooked to high temperatures it is nutritionally destroyed. All the minerals and antioxidants are gone. All the cancer preventatives are gone. Vitamins are charred and gone.

Raw food dieters beware. If your vegetables have been grown in dead soil then your raw foods can also be “dead”. Thanks to pesticides, insecticides and pollutants, our American farm soil is depleted of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and nutrients. These are the very things we should be consuming food for. We could eat these “dead” foods until we are stuffed and still receive no nutrients.

If you try to go on a completely raw diet suddenly your body may turn on you. You have taught your body to eat and crave cooked foods and a very little amount of raw foods. The majority of people consume most of their raw foods at an occasionally party. Even though it may be difficult, being on a raw food diet is the healthiest way to eat. Your body is detoxed and transformed into a highly functioning machine when eating only raw vegetables and fruits.

There are ways to keep raw foods from being boring. Try juicing in a professional type juicer. I have tried juicing vegetables and fruits. I really enjoyed the taste of most combined foods I tried. The only thing I did not like was the cleaning of the juicer. When you are dedicated to the raw food diet you can handle the clean up. Marinating, dehydrating, soaking, fermenting and culturing are other ways to make your diet more exciting.

In the link below you will find more information about raw food diets. You will also be able to watch an interview with a 110 year old man sharing his secrets to his long life.

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