Health benefits on your winter windowsill

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Fall is in full swing and winter is quickly approaching. There are very few gardens still growing vegetables. Farmers are becoming fewer and fewer at the local farmers markets. There are a few foods you can still enjoy during the winter months in your winter windowsill garden. I want to pass on an idea of growing a winter garden in your home. I know this sounds strange and there will never be a way to grow all of the great summer vegetables in your home. However, with the use of a rich composted soil, compact planting and consistent harvesting you can grow these nutrient filled foods in a small area right in your home and with very little work.

Most people think cilantro is a garnish on your plate. It is actually a lot more than that. Cilantro is a green herb that is loaded with health benefits. It helps control blood sugar, works to detox your body and has antibacterial benefits. Because of its antibacterial benefits it can prevent salmonella poisoning. Some other benefits include relief for stomach upset, urinary tract infections and helps to control mood swings caused from hormonal imbalance.
This little herb can be grown on your snow frosted covered windowsill.

In the winter time more people suffer from cold sores. Relief can be found in fresh oregano which can be grown inside in the winter, just as well as outside in the summer. Oregano helps to fight inflammation, infection and parasites. It contains more antioxidants that apples and oranges. You can benefit from the vitamin K, iron and manganese found in oregano.

Watercress is another healthy food that can be grown in your windowsill garden. This food can help with brain function, boost libido, eye protection, promotes a healthy thyroid and offers protection against radiation. Radiation is in most homes. Small doses of radiation can be received through televisions, microwaves, cell phones and older computer monitors. Watercress may be a food that should be added to our diets to help protect us from the radiation in our homes. Many vitamins can be found in watercress. Vitamins A,B,C,D,E and K can all be found in this small green leafy food.

It would be great to have fresh home grown tomatoes for Christmas lunch. With a little planning growing miniature tomatoes inside is an easy task.

In the winter months add a little green and red to your windowsill and enjoy the health benefits it will bring to you and your family. Make your inside garden a decorative addition to your home. Use pretty and colorful planters in which to plant your food. Follow links below for more information and other foods that can be grown inside.

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