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Tip for stretching food and dollars with leftover Roast


Since my husband and I are empty nesters we tend to have leftovers whenever I cook a roast. We do enjoy the leftovers but after two or three days either we get tired of the same thing for dinner, or we run too low of the beef roast for a complete meal. Roast is a easy dish to stretch.  A roast beef sandwich and beef hash are the two ways I usually stretch out our enjoyment of a roast. Since I am working on my weigh down, I did not want the extra carbs that a sandwich or beef hash would provide me. So I put my thinking cap on and came up with another idea which I have to say turned out to be great. By adding vegetables and a few other ingredients to the beef I made a delicious left over roast stew.

With money not growing on trees, allowing food to spoil or just saying I am tired of this and trashing it would be a waste of money and food. Below you will find a delicious food and dollar stretching recipe.

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