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Why Can’t Everyday Be Like Christmas?

love christmas ornament

The Christmas season is in full swing. I truly enjoy this time of year. It is a time for renewing relationships, friendships and faiths. Its a time to show appreciation to people that have made our lives easier and better through the year. What is it about the Christmas season that causes people to take a look at their lives? What is it about Christmas that brings out goodness and kindness in people? What would the world be like if Christmas was all year long?

Sweet Potato… Delicious and Healthy/recipe


I would like to invite you to follow me over the next few days as I prepare my Thanksgiving meals. I will be sharing memories, recipes and tips on preparing my Thanksgiving meal. I will be preparing meals for two different settings this Thanksgiving. My mother-in-law always begun in September preparing for the holiday meals. I do not begin that early. I usually wait until the day before. This year I have decided to begin a little bit earlier, twelve days earlier to be exact. I am going to work on some part of my meal each day. Today I am going to make sweet potato casseroles. Since this dish freezes very well, I am going to go on and make three, two for Thanksgiving meals and one for Christmas. I am going to use a recipe from a lady (Ms Vernice) who has passed on but left cooking tips and recipes in the hands of many.

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