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Plastics and Brain Development in the Womb


What a miracle, what a blessing and what a joy a baby is. It is unbelievable the awesomeness of a new life growing inside a woman’s body. A loving mother will do anything to ensure the delivery of a mentally and physically healthy baby. She is sure to make all her doctor’s visits. She takes her vitamins and gets extra rest. She will go the extra mile to take care of herself and her unborn baby. It is so sad to hear of a woman who has put drugs and alcohol into her body during pregnancy all the while knowing that it can harm the precious growing human inside her. It is equally sad to think a loving mother may not know of hidden dangers to her unborn baby and small child. I would like to bring to the attention of all parents the following study. A recent study from a group of scientist at Duke University finds dangers to an unborn baby and a newborn in developmental stages. These dangers come from the BPA (chemicals) found in plastic storage containers, plastic cups, and plastic drinking bottles. These chemicals can cause adverse mental and physical conditions. An expectant mother should stay completely away from the plastics containing BPA (chemicals).

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