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Major Weigh Down #6


I know my followers thought I surely had fallen off the weigh down wagon and let it run over me.  Shame on you !!!  LOL

Actually, I have been involved in several projects and have not really had an opportunity to post  an update in quite some time.  My weigh down journey  at times has been a roller coaster ride and not an easy task. I seem to be on the down part of the roller coaster ride and am beginning to see a weight loss again. Since I began my major weigh down journey I have lost 43 lbs. It has been slow and not easy. Slow and easy will carry me to my goal and hopefully make my long term success  greater and permanent .  I have begun to see more energy and mobility return to my life. Thank you for your encouragement and I will continue to work toward my goal and hope not to disappoint my family, my followers, my friends nor myself.

As I mentioned I have been working on some projects. I am sharing links below with you to my projects.

Major weigh down update #5

lighthouse update 2

Well the holidays came and went. Food was everywhere I looked. I attended two parties. Hosted four luncheons in my home, not to mention the wonderful family dinners. Holidays are such a wonderful, fun and loving time. In our society we always think if two or more people are together there has to be an abundance of food. This is true especially during the holidays. I tried to remember that I was on a major weigh down journey and not over indulge. O.K. I have to admit I must not have done such a great job at it. I gained 7 lbs back of the 31 lbs I had lost. I was sad when I first looked at the scale. Then with my husbands help I realized it was no big deal. I would get back on track and lose that 7 lbs and more. I plan on continuing on my major weigh down plan. I have a little something coming up in July that has reset my mind. I WILL BE GRAND MOM AGAIN. I want to lose steadily until the baby is here. I want to feel great and have lots of energy to enjoy every moment of that new life.

Think and Rethink before you get the Flu vaccine

vaccine shot

I have just spent the majority of my time this week at the hospital. I was sitting with my mother-in-law who had a upper respiratory infection. She did not have the flu. However on a floor of about 40 patients 15 of them did have the flu. I was given a mask the day she was admitted. This was only until they were sure she did not have the flu. Even after it was determined she did not I continued to wear the mask. In my walks up the hall I noticed most all of the patients were elderly, looking to be 75 and up. The oldest person I heard of was 93. I directly spoke to five different families of patients there with the flu. All of them had been given the flu vaccine. All was either in an elderly facility, or pretty well home bound. How did they get the flu? They are not around that many people. They were given the vaccine. Goes back to my blog on December 31.The vaccine is pretty useless. It can also be harmful and possibly even increase peoples chance of getting the flu.

Rethink Your Approach to the Flu

vaccine shot

Flu has hit early and hard this season. I was speaking with a nurse friend last week. She said the majority of people being seen in their office were for the flu. All of these patients are being prescribed a popular flu medicine. None are being advised on foods or supplements that would help with their symptoms or even shorten their days of misery. Flu season has arrived in our schools early this year. Due to the number of flu cases schools in several states felt the need to begin their winter break early. This rage of flu cases have arrived even though millions have received the flu vaccine.

The flu vaccine is toxic to humans and ineffective in preventing the flu. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention states that there are substances such as aluminum, egg protein, antibiotics and even dead human tissue found in the flu vaccine. This is only a partial list of substances found in the vaccine. To me this is enough to scare me away from it. I have only had one flu vaccine in my life. That was the same year I not only developed the flu once, not twice but three times. Do you see what I am saying about it not being effective in prevention? There are also dangers and side effects from the flu vaccine. Every year there are cases of paralysis and brain damage linked to the vaccine. Many researchers believe that the flu vaccine causes long term health issues. If a person receives just five flu vaccines in their life time they are 10 times more likely to develop Alzheimer’s. This is a comparison to people that received zero flu vaccines.

Himalayan Salt is Healthier than Processed White Salt

Pearled water ripples in sparkling water

Many physicians say limit salt intake to control high blood pressure. This may be a myth. It may actually be low potassium that causes high blood pressure. There are also other health problems that can cause high blood pressure. Our bodies must have water, food, air, minerals and salt to survive. All land animals crave salt and the minerals it contains. Ocean animals require salt and therefore live in the salty ocean.

People do not realize how much salt their bodies actually need to survive. We are fooled into thinking the small amount of salt we add to our food is enough for our bodies to survive. It is enough only because of the amount of salt in our processed food. If our processed food had no salt, we could not survive on the small amount we add. Our bodies must have salt to retain the water and moisture in our bodies. Without salt all the water would go through our bodies at a rapid pace and be disposed of through the urine. Without salt our bodies would remain in a dehydrated and unhealthy state.

Breastfeeding is Priceless


Breastfeeding is one of the healthiest things a new mom can do for her baby. It is also one of the greatest bonding experiences ever. I remember my babies looking up into my eyes as if to say thank you. I knew from the day I found out I was expecting a baby that if at all possible I would breastfeed. Due to an infection it was not easy with my first son. I was only able to breastfeed him for about 3 months. Breastfeeding for only three months still brought great health benefits. The first milk that is produced is considered to be the healthiest of all. The first milk is called colostrum. This milk protects a baby from infection. Having this first milk also helps the babies gut to develop properly. Research shows that even a small amount of nutrition other than breast milk will alter a babies gut. If not for the La Leche League I would not have made it three months. La Leche League is a support group consisting of mothers that are breastfeeding or have breastfed their babies. When my second son came along things went smoother and I was able to feed him for the first year of his life. The health difference I have noticed between the two is that my oldest son has allergies. My second son seems to not have any allergies at all.

20 Healthiest Foods in your Grocery Store

Four peppers in a bowl

When it comes to food options your local grocery store has thousands to choose from. The majority of these foods are not healthy foods. They may taste great but offer very little if any health benefits. Choosing from the top 20 healthiest foods will help keep a healthy weight, fight disease and build muscle. See the list below with some benefits on select foods.

5 Fall fruits offer many health benefits

small starfruit

Fall not only brings forth bright colors in the leaves, but also brings forth bright colored fruits. Bright, tasty and healthy fruits that I for one neglect. Eating foods during their peak season allows the nutritional values to be at their highest peak. Five fruits that peak in the fall are apples, cranberries, kumquats, persimmons, and starfruit.

1. I have never eaten a STARFRUIT. Starfruit is a bright yellow, waxy and a fall fruit. It is shaped like a 5 point star. The whole fruit is edible including the seed. This fruit is not a native of America. However, it is being grown in Florida. This cute little fruit is full of nutrients and health benefits. Helping lower cholesterol and helping fight infections such as staph and e-coli are health benefits this fruit offers. There are actually two varieties; one sweet and one tart. Both of these varieties have vitamin C, potassium and are high in fiber. I plan on trying starfruit before its peak season passes.

Aspartame, Leukemia?

soda can

I have a real weakness for the sweet taste of sugar. I could sit down and eat a whole bag of chocolate candy. This love of sweets is one of the main reasons I have had weight issues for the last few years. I am now on a weigh down plan. There are times I think I could sit down and eat a 100 lb piece of cake or pie. However, I have been and am determined to limit my sweets. I eat cookies made with xylitol occasionally. Xylitol is an all natural sweetener. I am determined to keep aspartame out of my diet and my body. I have heard for years how dangerous aspartame was to my health. I have been told so many times to use it in moderation and it would be safe. I was always afraid of aspartame, probably due to the fact that every time I did consume even a small amount in a drink or a cookie I would be sick in just a few minutes. It would give me headaches, nausea and diarrhea. Anything that makes you feel so bad could not be good for you. Short study after short study has been done on the danger of aspartame. How many reports have to say something causes cancer before it is believed?

Cell Phone Warnings For Men and Women

women on cell phone

The verdict is still out on cancer danger from cell phones. The possible danger comes from the electromagnetic field (EMF) that comes from cell phones. EMFs are a low form of radiation. Extended exposure to EMFS may cause cancerous tumors to form. We have been warned that over use of the cell phone may be linked to brain cancer and cancer of the ear. We have been encouraged to use the hands free option on our phones or to use an ear piece. Just to be on the safe side I do use and encourage you to use an ear piece and the hands free setting on cell phones as often as possible.

The brain is protected by a thick skull. Thin skin protects the breast tissue. If there is a possibility that even with thick protection cell phones may cause brain cancer then would breast tissue not be at higher risk.I have noticed many women placing their cell phones in their bra. Inside the cup of the bra, in the strap and even in between their breast. Women that store their cell phone in their bra are being exposed to EMFs more than just using the phone for a brief conversation. Ladies please lay your phone on your desk, counter, on a table or leave it in your purse. Please do not put it in your bra.

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