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Major Weigh Down #6


I know my followers thought I surely had fallen off the weigh down wagon and let it run over me.  Shame on you !!!  LOL

Actually, I have been involved in several projects and have not really had an opportunity to post  an update in quite some time.  My weigh down journey  at times has been a roller coaster ride and not an easy task. I seem to be on the down part of the roller coaster ride and am beginning to see a weight loss again. Since I began my major weigh down journey I have lost 43 lbs. It has been slow and not easy. Slow and easy will carry me to my goal and hopefully make my long term success  greater and permanent .  I have begun to see more energy and mobility return to my life. Thank you for your encouragement and I will continue to work toward my goal and hope not to disappoint my family, my followers, my friends nor myself.

As I mentioned I have been working on some projects. I am sharing links below with you to my projects.

Thanksgiving preparations continue / Recipe

small basket for thanksgiving

Eight more days to prepare my Thanksgiving dinner. I have my sweet potato casseroles ready and in the freezer awaiting topping on Thanksgiving morning. I did under estimate the sweet potatoes I needed for three casseroles. I will make one more if time permits. If not I will make the one I had planned for Christmas closer to that holiday.

Next in line was going to be the strawberry salad. However, I have decided to change that to a Cranberry Fruit Mold instead. I remembered how much my mother-in-law liked the cranberry one. I will make the Strawberry Salad for Christmas and will share the recipe with you then.

5 Fall fruits offer many health benefits

small starfruit

Fall not only brings forth bright colors in the leaves, but also brings forth bright colored fruits. Bright, tasty and healthy fruits that I for one neglect. Eating foods during their peak season allows the nutritional values to be at their highest peak. Five fruits that peak in the fall are apples, cranberries, kumquats, persimmons, and starfruit.

1. I have never eaten a STARFRUIT. Starfruit is a bright yellow, waxy and a fall fruit. It is shaped like a 5 point star. The whole fruit is edible including the seed. This fruit is not a native of America. However, it is being grown in Florida. This cute little fruit is full of nutrients and health benefits. Helping lower cholesterol and helping fight infections such as staph and e-coli are health benefits this fruit offers. There are actually two varieties; one sweet and one tart. Both of these varieties have vitamin C, potassium and are high in fiber. I plan on trying starfruit before its peak season passes.

10 Foods top the list for GMOs


Why is it that the United States approves GMOs in their food? Japan, Australia and all the countries in the European Union have banned the use of GMOs in the food being sold to their citizens. The reason being it has been determined not to be safe. Why would it be safe for United States citizens but not for citizens living in other countries. As a matter of fact the senior adviser of the United States FDA was once the vice president for a company interested in marketing genetically modified foods. While other countries are banning GMOs the United States has put people in charge of food inspection that have marketed GMOs.

Breast Cancer is # 1 health fear

pink ribbon

Breast Cancer is the number one health fear of most women. This fear is especially great if there is a family history of breast cancer. When I found out my sister had breast cancer it brought on panic attacks, nightmares, depression, questions and FEAR. If we all sit down and think of eight women in our life statically one of them will develop breast cancer. This statistic alone can bring on fear and depression.

It really is the Great Pumpkin for you and your pet

small pumpkin

Pumpkins at the road side stands and at every market you go into is a sure sign fall has arrived. Seeing a pumpkin for some reason just makes me happy. It makes me think of family being together, of laughing kids making jack-o-lanterns, of baking and of having loved ones at your table. It also brings back a good memory of my two sons. They were probably in fourth and seventh grades of school. They decided they wanted to plant pumpkins to enter in the “County Fair best pumpkin competition”.

Pain during or After Exercise? Try Potassium


Shin splints, calf pain, feet and toes hurting. Sometimes exercise can really be painful. I stretch, I soak, I rest, I switch up movements and I got new shoes. I have not tried increasing potassium. Since I am on a major weigh down plan, I have increased exercise and have experience quite a bit of discomfort. I recently realized I have cut down on potassium packed foods. Could the discomfort and pain during and after exercise be from lack of potassium?

Cooking with a future Chef

little boy

Tonight my 11 year old grandson and future chef made dinner.

He had left a shopping list for me when he last visited a few weeks ago. I shopped yesterday and picked up the items he requested. I am including his list for interested readers. At the top of the list he put IMPORTANT.
His list is as follows: Chicken breast, buns, franks red hot sauce, fresh lettuce, pepper jack cheese, tomatoes, red onion and mustard.

After a discussion about baked or fried chicken and the major weigh down plan I am on, he decided to bake. I had no idea what a treat we were all in for.

His plan was to make his SPECIAL SPICY CHICKEN SANDWICHES. I am including his recipe for you to try.

Food can help relieve and protect during a Stressful Time

Almond Shells

Most everyone has heard the saying “Stress will kill you”. This actually is a true statement. Stress can cause several diseases illnesses and conditions. It can cause cancer, weight gain, ulcers, miscarriage, acne and many others. Does stress cause gray hair and wrinkles? Yes it sure does. If you need evidence just look at a picture of an incoming president and then look at that same president four years later. You can see what stress does to the appearance of a person. No one can live their life with out heart ache and stress at some point. There are ways to help people deal with stress. Massage, meditation, prayer, yoga, sex, laughter, music and taking a walk are all excellent stress relievers. Taking medicine to relive stress is not a good idea. This can just cause other health problems and conditions. There are also foods that can help you deal with stress.

Dopamine helps with weight loss

small bathroom scales

I am on a weigh down plan. Anything I can read about weight loss I do. I stumbled across an article about dopamine aiding in weight loss so of course I had to read and share.

Small changes in your diet can boost dopamine in the brain. This helps with mood and weight loss. Dopamine is produced by the brain. It controls weight, body movements and supports circulatory system.

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