New Book for Storing Your Recipes

The Blank Recipe Book

There’s a new book for storing your recipes called, “The Blank Recipe Book.

It’s useful for storing recipes and keeping cooking/baking instructions so that you can easily find them later instead of digging through recipe cards or going online and hoping you find the exact recipe that you liked.

I really like the cover design and layout of the book. It also has a family memory section that is very thoughtful and something I’m so glad I can utilize going forward. It’s a really clever idea and I think it’s something that makes a great gift to a newlywed or anyone who cooks for a family. It’s also great for putting a lot of family recipes in and then giving that as a gift. For example, a mother putting dozens of her recipes in and then giving it to her daughter. Or for a grandmother to do the same with a granddaughter (obviously it can be a son as well).

So it’s The Blank Recipe book and you can get it at

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