Major Weigh down update #4


I am beginning my fifth month of my major weigh down plan. I have had many ups and downs. Literally the scales have went up and down. In my last update I posted I was down 31 lbs. Thanksgiving came and the weekend following Thanksgiving came. During this period I gained 5 lbs. I was really down and out over this up. I really focused this past week on getting back on track. I am happy to say I went down 5 lbs. I am now back down 31 lbs.

One thing I have thought about in length is the fact that this is not a quick fix, fad diet or starvation plan. This is simply a weigh down plan and a life style change. I am going to enjoy events and holidays. I am not going to avoid life. I am going to continue to lose on my portion control life. Life is good.

I have had a very busy time at work and have not been able to exercise as often as I was. That’s o.k. I will get back to it. I am not going to get discouraged. This weight is going down.

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