Major Weigh Down Update #2

lighthouse update 2

I have had a discouraging month with my major weigh down plan. I said discouraging but I did not say I am quitting. I am still very determined to lose my 75 lbs. I have tried to figure out what has went on this month. It seems like I have begin to crawl instead of leap. I only lost 4 lbs since my last update on August 28th.

Maybe some of the changes I made over the past few weeks have not been good changes.

I have began eating out nightly with my husband. We are still splitting our meal between the two of us. This makes it very inexpensive for us to eat out. This seemed inviting after a long day at work. I should have remembered I was on a weigh down plan not no a wallet weigh down plan. Maybe it goes back to the thing I have said before about cooking your own food and knowing exactly what is in your meal. Restaurants may add more salt. They may even sneak a little sugar in the food that I would not be adding. Either way this change is going to be altered down to only couple times a week.

I have not eaten as many raw vegetables and fruits as I had in my first few weeks. I really did not realize that I had stopped eating them. I must slow down and take the time to eat raw veggies and fruits as a meal and as a snack from time to time. I have to start thinking more about what I am doing.

In my work I do a lot of traveling which also means more sitting. My traveling has increased over the last 3 weeks. Meaning I have been sitting in a car pretty much 8 hours a day. When I am not in my car driving I have been at my desk burning no calories. I am sure this has hurt my progress some. This is something I will just have to work around for the next 2-3 months.

I was drinking 12 8oz servings of water each day. I start out the day with my water in hand. As I am driving I tend to run out and do not stop to refill my water bottle. This practice has dropped my water consumption to around 6 or less servings per day.

I have added more exercise to my routine. I have increased my water aerobics to 3 times a week. I have increased my bike riding to 10 min 4 days a week. I have also increased my walking to 4 days a week. I have not measured the distance I am actually walking. I will make a point on finding out how may laps makes a mile. I am up to 10 laps around the walking track.

Some events that have occurred over past 3 weeks have given me the opportunity to eat more fried food than I should. My husband and I took a weekend off from home. We spent the weekend golfing and eating out at a country restaurant for most of our meals. We all know that those country restaurants are awesome but they also have more fat, salt and breading than we need. We did split our meal which was a bonus star for me. Another event was a girls night out where we shared pizza and salad. I did only eat 3 small pieces of vegetable pizza. Pizza is just not the same without a cola. I do not drink or eat artificial sweetened items. I had a regular sugary cola for the first time in 2 months. Pizza and cola is not good at all when on a weigh down program.

I have continued and will continue the practice of eating my meals from a dessert plate. I just have not had enough meals at home to practice this as I should.

All in all I have made mistakes the last 3 weeks in my plan. I guess I just got too comfortable and did not pay close attention to what I was doing. No worries. I will make positive changes and get back on track. Feel free to share your ideas and encouraging words with me. To those of you who have shared, “Thank you”. I need them as I continue my MAJOR WEIGH DOWN. This weight is going down. I am now down 28 pounds.

Changes for the upcoming month will be:

1. Stop eating out as often
2. Eat more raw vegetables and fruits
3. Increase my exercising
4. Try to take breaks from my work for a short walk
5. Get water intake back up
6. I am going to add foods to my meals that boost dopamine

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