Unhealthy diet and cleaning chemicals may cause ALZHEIMER’S

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I have written before that CANCER is a very dreaded word. In my life and many lives there is a another dreaded word. ALZHEIMER’S. Alzheimer’s is a disease that in its own way brings heart break and fear to the person and their family. Cancer can quickly rob a person of their life. Alzheimer’s can slowly rob a person of a life time of memories and independence. After being struck with Alzheimer’s my paw paw slowly slipped away from his family and lived his last few years in a total world of mental darkness. My dad had always feared that he too would develop this disease. My dad was diagnosed with the same disease about 4 years ago. The only good thing about Alzheimer’s is the patient does not realize he has developed it.

One of the most heart breaking things to me was I could not carry on a conversation with my dad. In seconds he would forget what I had just said. In one way this disease is kinder to the diseased person than the family members. My dad was always happy and laughing. He was never unkind to us. He did not realize he was repeating the same question and story over and over. He thought the conversation had just begun, even though we could have already ended it. I lost my dad to leukemia last year. He was only sick a short time and with very little suffering. Even though we lost him sooner than we would ever want, at least he left us before his complete memory was gone. He was able to leave us with wonderful memories. He left us with the memory of of him still knowing who we all were. I was so thankful I did not lose him to that total mental darkness. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of dad. But in a way I think things happened just the way he would have wanted.

Pharmaceutical companies have produced a synthetic pill to try and reverse the condition of Alzheimer’s. My dad took this pill for 2 years. We saw no improvement in his condition. Maybe instead of taking a pill after being diagnosed we should try to prevent it.

Testing of Alzheimer’s patients shows low levels of the antioxidants vitamin C and beta-carotene. This is according to a recent study out of Germany. Oranges, carrots, guava, red and green sweet pepper, kiwi, grapefruit, vegetable juice, strawberries, are a few of the foods that offers vitamin C. Spinach, Lettuce, chili peppers, kale, carrots, turnip greens, cabbage, pumpkin, beets, and sweet potatoes are foods that offer beta-carotene. Adding these foods on a regular basis maybe just be what we all need to ward off Alzheimer’s as well as other diseases.

This study also states that chemicals used for house cleaning and poor nutrition may be the cause of the disease.

Choose all natural cleaners for your house cleaning. Add these healthful foods to your diet. Avoid this dreaded disease. Please read and follow very carefully the instructions included in the link below.


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