Turnips are a great low carb choice

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A turnip is actually the root of the turnip green. I think the turnip itself is overlooked. It is sometimes just left in the ground and the greens picked off. The turnip can be prepared in the turnip greens or alone. I have cooked turnips by chopping them into the greens and enjoying as one dish or served with pinto beans, fresh onion and cornbread. Oh man what a great meal. The only other way I have prepared turnips is by chopping, boiling and mashing like potatoes. Add salt and pepper and they are really tasty. They are low in calories, carbohydrates and high in fiber. Making them a great option for most weight loss plans. If you are on a diet, mashed turnips are a better choice than mashed potatoes. I have talked myself into a visit to the farmers market tomorrow. I am going to pick up turnips and turnip greens. Tell you the truth it did not take a lot of convincing. I really enjoy going to the farmers market. The season for turnips is fall and winter.

The overlooked turnip is very healthy. It is low in fat and cholesterol. It offers a high dose of vitamins B6 and C. Turnips also gives some healthy doses of minerals such as manganese, calcium and potassium.

Follow the link below for a new recipe idea for turnips. Hope you enjoy The Low Carb Roasted Turnip.


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