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Eight more days to prepare my Thanksgiving dinner. I have my sweet potato casseroles ready and in the freezer awaiting topping on Thanksgiving morning. I did under estimate the sweet potatoes I needed for three casseroles. I will make one more if time permits. If not I will make the one I had planned for Christmas closer to that holiday.

Next in line was going to be the strawberry salad. However, I have decided to change that to a Cranberry Fruit Mold instead. I remembered how much my mother-in-law liked the cranberry one. I will make the Strawberry Salad for Christmas and will share the recipe with you then.

I really enjoy cranberries in any recipe. They are also very healthy in their fresh form. This recipe does not contain fresh cranberries. The flavor will still be great. I will just be missing out on some of the health benefits with this dish. I am not preparing the mold until the day before Thanksgiving.

Cranberry Fruit Mold


2 cups boiling water
1 Pkg 8 oz cranberry jello
1 1/2 cups ginger ale
1 1/2 cups halved green/red seedless grapes
1 can mandarin orange pieces (drained)


Stir boiling water and gelatin in a large bowl. Stir for at least 2 minutes or until dissolved. Stir in cold ginger ale. Refrigerate for 1 1/2 hours or until thickened. Spoon should leave impression. Stir in fruit. Spoon into 6 cup mold. Refrigerate 4 hours or until firm.
Removing from mold: Dip mold into warm water for 15 seconds.
Gently pull gelatin from edges with moist fingers. Place mold onto a bed of greens and fruit.
Tip: I spread a small amount of mayonnaise on inside of mold. Make sure no mayonnaise is visible. Do not use quick method when doing a mold. This will cause a rubbery edge to jello.

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