Risk of Breast Cancer has Risen to 1-8. Ways you can help prevent it

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There is no good cancer. Cancer of any type is bad. Since 1987 October has been Breast Cancer Awareness Month. People also know this October as pink month. October is the month leaves change to orange and gold. Light bulbs, soda cans, hair, plastic cups are a few items that change to pink. Just about anything we use in our daily lives is made in pink for breast cancer awareness. Pink has become the one color associated with breast cancer. Instead of breast cancer awareness I want to learn about breast cancer prevention.

In the 1940s breast cancer risk was at 1 in 20. In the present time it has risen to 1 in 8. I have had doctors tell me that cancer is not just caused by one thing. Several factors come into play to cause cancer. In breast cancer the factors include diet, genetics and family history. Is it possible that the increase in cases of breast cancer is due to our food changing over the years? Our food today is covered in pesticides. Our food today has fillers and artificial additives and colors. Our diets consist more of fast food instead of healthy fruits and vegetables.

The National Cancer Institute says that 80% of all cancers can be prevented. A good healthy diet is the number one thing to do to prevent breast cancer. Our diets should mostly consist of leafy greens, fruits and foods containing vitamin D. Diets high in red meat and dairy that have been shot full of hormones can be a factor in breast cancer. Foods high in saturated fats also pose a risk and should be avoided.

Vitamin D is very important in prevention. It is a natural immune booster. Foods that are full of vitamin D are mushrooms, leafy greens, soybean milk and rice milk. Since it is difficult to get enough vitamin D in our food we need to add a daily supplement to boost our vitamin D levels. Sunshine is a great source of vitamin D. Fair skinned people should try to get 10-15 min of sunshine each day. Darker skinned people should get more maybe even up to an hour.

Healthy foods is one preventative measure we all can take. Be sure and get plenty of vitamin D. Your vitamin D level can be checked by a simple blood test. Next time you go the doctor ask him to check it for you.

Breast cancer is a very sensitive area for me. Eleven years ago I lost my oldest sister to breast cancer. When she found her lump it was a stage 4 cancer. She had her baseline mammogram at the age of 37. She went back when she was 40 for them to check the lump. They knew right away from the mammogram it was cancer. She passed away at 45. She was a precious person. She fought hard. It was just detected to late. In 2011 my step mom was diagnosed with breast cancer after a routine mammogram. She is doing well and we feel like she will have a better outcome.

Mammograms in themselves are a risk factor for breast cancer. Please check a healthy alternative at this link. http://www.naturalnews.com/025170_cancer_thermograms_breast.html

Please follow the link below for more information on preventing breast cancer. Good luck to every lady out there. For you reading this please share the link with someone.


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