Think and Rethink before you get the Flu vaccine

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I have just spent the majority of my time this week at the hospital. I was sitting with my mother-in-law who had a upper respiratory infection. She did not have the flu. However on a floor of about 40 patients 15 of them did have the flu. I was given a mask the day she was admitted. This was only until they were sure she did not have the flu. Even after it was determined she did not I continued to wear the mask. In my walks up the hall I noticed most all of the patients were elderly, looking to be 75 and up. The oldest person I heard of was 93. I directly spoke to five different families of patients there with the flu. All of them had been given the flu vaccine. All was either in an elderly facility, or pretty well home bound. How did they get the flu? They are not around that many people. They were given the vaccine. Goes back to my blog on December 31.The vaccine is pretty useless. It can also be harmful and possibly even increase peoples chance of getting the flu.

The flu vaccine contains harmful chemicals. These chemicals weaken a persons immune system. The majority of people that get sick with the flu are elderly people. Elderly people tend to be weaker than younger people. The majority of elderly people get the flu vaccine. So is it the fact they are elderly and weak or elderly and get the vaccine that puts them in this bracket? Most elderly people do not take supplements and natural herbs and remedies. My mother-in-law is in assisted living. In assisted living facilities the medications and supplements are restricted to only what the doctors prescribe. Because of mental limitations this is not a bad practice at all. Assisted living facilities are a blessing to elderly people. I asked my mother-in-laws doctor to prescribe vitamin D. He said “at her age she did not need vitamin D”. Vitamin D is our number one defense against the flu. I personally take 10,000 IUs of vitamin D per day. This is the dosage my physician has suggested for me. During winter months everyone should have a minimum of 5,000 IUs per day.

The flu vaccine is full of chemicals which include aluminum and mercury. In recent years we have all heard of the dangers in mercury. The older thermometers were removed from the market. They were not harmful unless dropped and broken. However we are all encouraged to take an annual vaccine that contains mercury. This means we are having mercury injected into our bodies. Does that make sense? Recently when I went in to have my yearly breast exam and
thermogram I was instructed to limit and if possible to remove deodorant from the daily routine. Deodorant contains aluminum and is believed to increase a woman’s chance of developing breast cancer. Elderly people who were exposed to high levels of aluminum are more likely to develop aluminum toxicity. So every year they are targeted in getting a vaccine that contains aluminum. Does that make sense?

Vitamin D is a natural non chemical prevention to the flu. It strengthens your immune system so your body can naturally defend itself against the flu. Our bodies were made by an awesome God. He made them to operate and function without all these added chemicals. Vitamin D which I feel is one of the most important vitamins comes naturally from the sun. God created the sun. Does that make sense? YES

Remember VITAMIN D, VITAMIN D, VITAMIN D. I hope you have a flu free winter.

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