Preserving For the Winter

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As the summer of 2012 comes closer to the end so does my weekly trips to the farmers market. My weekly visits will be put on hold until summer of 2013. Putting vegetables on hold is not quite as easy as putting a date on a calendar. However it is not very difficult either. This is the time of year to preserve for the winter. Preserved fresh, locally grown and organically grown vegetables will taste much better this winter than the ones you find in the freezer section of your grocery. Not to mention the self satisfaction of knowing you have done the best you can for your family. I like to freeze some squash for squash casserole, stewed squash and squash puppies. (Squash puppies are delicious with beans, chili, soups, leafy greens or fish. You just add grated squash to your favorite hush puppy recipe.) I also try to freeze some okra for stewing or baking. I like to can some squash relish and some jellies to share with family and friends. I have gotten my squash relish canned and that is all. I am behind this year and I will need to get to work over the next few weeks to catch up.

As fall approaches one of the newest vegetables at the market is turnip greens. Almost every member of my family enjoys turnip greens. Even my grandchildren which is unusual. On my next trip to the market I will be picking up several pounds of greens. I will bring them home and prepare them for the freezer. It will be great to take a pack of preserved fresh greens out of the freezer to cook this winter. Add beans, onion and cornbread to complete your meal. Oh boy you’ve got some good eating.

Turnip greens, Mustard greens, Kale, Spinach, and Chard are all good greens for freezing. Freezing greens is a very easy thing to do. If your family enjoys greens like mine does I hope you will seek out some fresh greens and try your hand at freezing them for the winter. They will thank you for it.

Please see helpful information below. This information will make your preserving for the winter successful and easy.

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