Preparing Meals During School Year With Less Stress

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Fall is just around the corner. Fall brings beautiful colors, cooler weather, football games, and kids returning to school. I used to say fall was my favorite season. As I get older I have decided I have no favorite season. I enjoy each season, each day, each week, and each year. I am just glad to be blessed with each of them and blessed with life and breath. The average kid would let you know fall was not their favorite time of year at all. Most of them would like for it to remain summer vacation all year. They do not realize school days are some of their best days. Some day they will wish they could do it again and know it was something to appreciate.

It is the responsibility of parents to see that they have everything they need to succeed in school. You make sure they have pencils, paper, books, book bags, and clothes. A nutritional breakfast, lunch, and dinner need to me added to that list. We have all heard breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It has been discovered kids that have a good breakfast are more alert and do better with their school work. They also need a good lunch to keep them strong and maintain their energy to continue their day. Then a nice peaceful time around the family table enjoying a healthy and warm dinner meal.

Some mornings kids are harder to get out of bed. They and you end up rushing around the house, sometimes forgetting or not having time for breakfast. They leave home with nothing to eat. In a couple hours they begin to lose energy, they can’t think, and maybe become irritable. The reason being they are hungry. Always make sure they leave with a full tummy and a smile on their face.

Tips for a more relaxed morning:

1. Prepare muffins a head of time for those mornings you over sleep or just can’t get those little angels moving. Bake muffins, cool completely, put in sandwich bags, and store in a cool dry place. This is easily accomplished for a rushed breakfast or even a to go breakfast.

2. If you have 10 minutes you have time to cook scrambled eggs. You can make them special by adding bacon bits, cheese, or peppers.

3. Of course there is always cereal. Be sure and choose a low sugar cereal. Not only is it healthier for them, your kid’s teacher will thank you. If possible make homemade cereal.

One thing to remember about getting them off to school is to keep them as relaxed and upbeat as possible. A kid leaving home relaxed and happy will tend to have a much better day at school than one rushed and yelled at.

Pack a healthy Lunch

1. Try putting that peanut butter and jelly on banana bread for a special change. Add a piece of fruit, vegetable sticks, and a bag of baked chips.

2. Turkey sandwich on wheat bread with cheese is a good choice. A cup of pudding is a good and healthy sweet treat.
Fruit and chips make it a balanced lunch.

3. Slip a little note in their lunch box letting them know you are wishing them a happy day and thinking about them. Draw a funny face or picture. Tell them you love them and are proud of them. Help your child have a great school day and a great school year.

Dinner Time

Plan ahead. Do not wait until kids are home to decide about dinner. When they get home they need your attention. They may need help with home work. They will always need some of your time just to talk and tell you about their day. Show interest and let them know that what they have to say is important to you.

1. Crock pots are a great tool for a working away or stay at home mom. Put dinner on to be ready when you get home. This way you will be free for you kids. They make divided crock pots. You can put meat on one side and vegetable on other side.

2. On school nights make easy meals. This way you do not have a lot of clean up or have to spend a lot of time in the kitchen.

3. Enjoy every second you can with your family. Make happy memories in and out of the kitchen.

4. Have a great school year!

5. Find ideas for all three meals in the link below.

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