Plastics and Brain Development in the Womb


What a miracle, what a blessing and what a joy a baby is. It is unbelievable the awesomeness of a new life growing inside a woman’s body. A loving mother will do anything to ensure the delivery of a mentally and physically healthy baby. She is sure to make all her doctor’s visits. She takes her vitamins and gets extra rest. She will go the extra mile to take care of herself and her unborn baby. It is so sad to hear of a woman who has put drugs and alcohol into her body during pregnancy all the while knowing that it can harm the precious growing human inside her. It is equally sad to think a loving mother may not know of hidden dangers to her unborn baby and small child. I would like to bring to the attention of all parents the following study. A recent study from a group of scientist at Duke University finds dangers to an unborn baby and a newborn in developmental stages. These dangers come from the BPA (chemicals) found in plastic storage containers, plastic cups, and plastic drinking bottles. These chemicals can cause adverse mental and physical conditions. An expectant mother should stay completely away from the plastics containing BPA (chemicals).

BPA: plastics chemical bisphenol-A, BPA mimics estrogen in a female body, this is part of the reason it affects the unborn baby in such a large and negative way. Trash your plastic drinking cups, plastic water bottles, plastic coffee mugs. Never heat food in plastic containers. Use glass containers for storage when possible.

The dangers include:
1. Behavior problems
2. Weight abnormalities
3. Immune disorders
4. Hindered central nervous system development

BPA chemicals can be found in plastic baby bottles, plastic water bottles, plastic leftover containers and plastic lined cans. Over the past few years the problems stemming from BPA in plastic has been brought to light. However until this study I have never heard of the dangers to unborn babies and small children. When an expectant mom is drinking from chemical filled bottles her unborn baby is as well. “BPA alters chloride levels inside cells by shutting down a gene known as KCC2”. This causes brain development to be hindered. This can cause the infant and young child to have immune disorders and diabetes. The bigger dangers are mental issues such as behavior problems. Each year the cases of neurodevelopmental diseases grow. The scientist conducting this study feels it is in part from the BPA (chemicals) in plastics.

Type I diabetes, down syndrome, and autism spectrum disorders have long been thought to be genetic conditions. In this study the Scientist at Duke feel that this thinking has been in error. They believe the increase of these conditions in infants and small children is from BPA (CHEMICALS).

If you are expecting a baby PLEASE stay away from plastic containers. If a container is BPA FREE it will proudly label as such. It is best to drink you water from a metal bottle or glass.

If possible breast feed. If not use a bottle that is BPA FREE. It may take some research to find BPA FREE bottleS and it may be more expensive. It is worth your time and money to protect your little blessing. If you have an infant or small child make sure their drinking cups are BPA FREE as well. Remember they are still developing and still depending on you to take care of them.

Expectant moms need water, milk, fresh vegetables, grains, protein, rest and love. They do not need BPA chemicals. Good Luck and enjoy the new little life you are growing and developing.

While we are on the subject of BPA, adults need to stay away from BPA plastics as well. These chemicals also cause cancer.

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