Pain during or After Exercise? Try Potassium


Shin splints, calf pain, feet and toes hurting. Sometimes exercise can really be painful. I stretch, I soak, I rest, I switch up movements and I got new shoes. I have not tried increasing potassium. Since I am on a major weigh down plan, I have increased exercise and have experience quite a bit of discomfort. I recently realized I have cut down on potassium packed foods. Could the discomfort and pain during and after exercise be from lack of potassium?

I am going to try to add potassium rich foods into my diet. This is an experiment on my part. I do like several of the foods that have potassium, however, some of them have a high calorie count. I have done some research and found some foods high in potassium but low in calories. I plan on adding these low calorie foods to my diet.

When exercising at an intense level your body needs more potassium to function without nerve and muscle pain. Potassium, sodium and chloride are all considered to be electrolytes. Electrolytes are important in nerve and muscle function. Without electrolytes your muscles hurt and you will have nerve pain. They also can help keep blood pressure at healthy levels.

When thinking of foods with potassium, banana is probably the first food that comes to mind. There are several other foods that actually have just as much potassium as a banana. Variety is important to discourage boredom of one single food. Some of the potassium rich low calorie foods are brussels sprouts, beans, sweet potatoes, artichokes, and pumpkin seed. I enjoy all of these foods and plan on adding them to my diet. I will follow up soon and let you know if it helps me have a more comfortable exercise session.

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