Cell Phone Warnings For Men and Women

women on cell phone

The verdict is still out on cancer danger from cell phones. The possible danger comes from the electromagnetic field (EMF) that comes from cell phones. EMFs are a low form of radiation. Extended exposure to EMFS may cause cancerous tumors to form. We have been warned that over use of the cell phone may be linked to brain cancer and cancer of the ear. We have been encouraged to use the hands free option on our phones or to use an ear piece. Just to be on the safe side I do use and encourage you to use an ear piece and the hands free setting on cell phones as often as possible.

The brain is protected by a thick skull. Thin skin protects the breast tissue. If there is a possibility that even with thick protection cell phones may cause brain cancer then would breast tissue not be at higher risk.I have noticed many women placing their cell phones in their bra. Inside the cup of the bra, in the strap and even in between their breast. Women that store their cell phone in their bra are being exposed to EMFs more than just using the phone for a brief conversation. Ladies please lay your phone on your desk, counter, on a table or leave it in your purse. Please do not put it in your bra.

Health benefits on your winter windowsill

plants in ice

Fall is in full swing and winter is quickly approaching. There are very few gardens still growing vegetables. Farmers are becoming fewer and fewer at the local farmers markets. There are a few foods you can still enjoy during the winter months in your winter windowsill garden. I want to pass on an idea of growing a winter garden in your home. I know this sounds strange and there will never be a way to grow all of the great summer vegetables in your home. However, with the use of a rich composted soil, compact planting and consistent harvesting you can grow these nutrient filled foods in a small area right in your home and with very little work.

10 Foods top the list for GMOs


Why is it that the United States approves GMOs in their food? Japan, Australia and all the countries in the European Union have banned the use of GMOs in the food being sold to their citizens. The reason being it has been determined not to be safe. Why would it be safe for United States citizens but not for citizens living in other countries. As a matter of fact the senior adviser of the United States FDA was once the vice president for a company interested in marketing genetically modified foods. While other countries are banning GMOs the United States has put people in charge of food inspection that have marketed GMOs.

Give Halloween Treats without GMOs and additives


Halloween is a fun holiday for children as well as adults. When else can a persons imagination soar so high. You can be anyone or anything you can imagine. This is one time of year you may see a dead president walking your streets, see a dog walking upright on two legs, see a monster walking around, or maybe a sweet little angel walking the earth. Even people sitting at home passing out treats and watching all the goings and comings of these creatures are having a good time. Of course as with any activity or holiday you will find a scrooge or two who hates all the activities. As adults we are responsible for making sure the little creatures have a safe and fun time. One way we can assure this happens is to pass out safe happy treats.

GMOs in your chips defeat the Healthy Guacamole


Guacamole is probably one of my favorite snack foods. I have pretty much stopped eating it since I have been on my weigh down plan. The reason I do not eat it much is because of the added calories, fat and GMO’s in the chips that guacamole calls for. I do enjoy chopped avocado’s in my salad and sliced ones on my sandwiches. Avocados, the main ingredient in guacamole, are actually quite healthy. The fat content is a healthy fat so no problem there. Avocados are low in cholesterol and saturated fats. They offer heart health benefits and are very high in potassium and protein. So basically guacamole is a tasty way to receive healthy benefits from the avocado fruit. Lets figure out how we can cut out the not so healthy chips.

Breast Cancer is # 1 health fear

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Breast Cancer is the number one health fear of most women. This fear is especially great if there is a family history of breast cancer. When I found out my sister had breast cancer it brought on panic attacks, nightmares, depression, questions and FEAR. If we all sit down and think of eight women in our life statically one of them will develop breast cancer. This statistic alone can bring on fear and depression.

Olive oil is good for your health and your skin


I have used olive oil for years to cook with. I only use other cooking oil when making cakes. You can purchase virgin, extra virgin or non virgin olive oil. The extra virgin olive oil is the healthiest one. It is the one that has had less chemical refining. Extra virgin is the one that is in its most natural form. Most cooks know that olive oil is the best cooking oil for heart health. It helps to lower your cholesterol and also helps control blood sugars. It actually gives protection from heart attacks and strokes. I am not saying that if you cook with olive oil you are exempt from heart disease. I am only saying it does have heart health benefits. Did you know olive oil is also good for your skin?

Turnips are a great low carb choice

Season's Bounty

A turnip is actually the root of the turnip green. I think the turnip itself is overlooked. It is sometimes just left in the ground and the greens picked off. The turnip can be prepared in the turnip greens or alone. I have cooked turnips by chopping them into the greens and enjoying as one dish or served with pinto beans, fresh onion and cornbread. Oh man what a great meal. The only other way I have prepared turnips is by chopping, boiling and mashing like potatoes. Add salt and pepper and they are really tasty. They are low in calories, carbohydrates and high in fiber. Making them a great option for most weight loss plans. If you are on a diet, mashed turnips are a better choice than mashed potatoes. I have talked myself into a visit to the farmers market tomorrow. I am going to pick up turnips and turnip greens. Tell you the truth it did not take a lot of convincing. I really enjoy going to the farmers market. The season for turnips is fall and winter.

It really is the Great Pumpkin for you and your pet

small pumpkin

Pumpkins at the road side stands and at every market you go into is a sure sign fall has arrived. Seeing a pumpkin for some reason just makes me happy. It makes me think of family being together, of laughing kids making jack-o-lanterns, of baking and of having loved ones at your table. It also brings back a good memory of my two sons. They were probably in fourth and seventh grades of school. They decided they wanted to plant pumpkins to enter in the “County Fair best pumpkin competition”.

Your Honey is so Good to you

Serbian MadBee

My husband eats oatmeal every morning sweetened with honey. I drink hot tea every morning sweetened with honey. Honey can be used in several dishes as a sweetener. In addition to being a sweetener you can make sandwiches, cookies, cakes, drinks and candy with honey. I have a couple of ways I enjoy honey. Peanut butter and honey with crackers is probably my favorite. I also enjoy apples dipped in honey. Honey has been used for its medicinal values for generations. Honey is known for the cough relief it offers. Most everyone has heard the theory of buying local honey for allergies. I have also heard that local honey helps with painful arthritis. Honey is very versatile.

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