Organic or Not Organic?

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Over the last couple days the news media has been saying organically grown food is no healthier than non-organic food. This statement is totally false. The study they are trying to quote from even shows that organically grown is healthier. Why are they trying to mislead people? Anyone would know food grown without pesticides would have to be healthier.

The study, or actually it is a review of a study, they are referring to clearly says that the organically grown vegetables have 30% less chemical pesticides than non-organically grown vegetables. How can they say organic is not healthier? Guess they like eating chemicals and poison and for some sick reason want to encourage other people to do the same. It also states that organically grown meat contains 33% less antibiotic-resistant bacteria than non-organically grown meat.

I have a concern about the study they are quoting from. My concern is this, according to US EPA the definition of is: “Organically grown food is food grown and processed using NO synthetic fertilizers or pesticides.” This is the way I have always understood what organically grown food meant. So the food claimed as being organically grown evidently was not organically grown at all. How can it have 30 or 33% less? It should have 0% in order for them to be called organically grown. So in my mind this study is totally flawed. Does anyone else see it that way?

I was glad to see that the study pointed out that organically grown food does not contain GMOs (genetically modified organisms). Another statement I was happy to see was that no artificial sweeteners are allowed in foods claiming to be grown organically grown. The study went on to say that non-organic milk contains growth hormones and organic milk does not. Mainstream media decided not to mention these facts.

I do hope you will follow the link below and take a look at this study. Decide for yourself is organically grown no healthier than non-organically grown.

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