Natural foods become more readily available


Fall is here. Farmers are clearing out their gardens. Farmers markets are wrapping up their season for the year. Normally this would mean our natural, organic, locally grown and fresh garden vegetables come to a end until next growing season. This year this will not necessarily be true. Fresh and natural vegetables will be available all winter.

In the past it was difficult to locate a store that offered natural foods. When you did find one the foods were so pricey it was hard to work them into your budget. Finally in the last few months more of the well known grocery stores have added NATURAL FOOD SECTIONS. YEA!!! The demand for natural foods has finally been heard. Natural foods will always remain higher priced than non-natural foods. However there is now competition for natural food sales. This should slowly bring the prices down making it easier for people to afford healthier eating. Store owners once believed eating natural foods was a fad and it would pass. They felt there was no need to invest in an expansion of a natural section. They now see it is not a fad. It is the norm as more people are taking their health into their own hands. They also see that people are seeing the connection between good health and natural foods. They noticed the increase in the past few years of money being spent on natural foods. Natural food sales has increased over the last 5-7 years. Sales are now reaching over 630 billion dollars. Money always talks. The larger stores want a piece of that business.

When shopping for natural foods, remember there is a difference between natural and organic foods. Natural foods are not regulated or checked by the USDA. There are no specific requirements for growing these foods. So it is left up to the grower or manufacture on what makes their food “natural”. We will have to learn which manufactures and growers do the best job in growing and their foods and which ones grow them without additives, chemicals, preservatives or pesticides. We will have to learn which meats are really natural and contain no injections of hormones or saline. Organic foods are regulated and are grown with restrictions and requirements from the USDA. Requiring that organic be grown with out additives chemicals, preservatives or pesticides.

Just the fact that we have more options concerning our food is a major step. Freedom in selecting our food and helping us to take control of our own health is our privilege and our right.

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