Have we lost the real meaning of Thanksgiving?

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On the fourth Thursday of November Americans observe Thanksgiving, a day that has been set aside for us to Thank God for all his blessings through the year. It is a time to also celebrate family and to reminisce with each other about the past year. The first Thanksgiving was celebrated in early autumn 1621. The pilgrims did not call their harvest feast, Thanksgiving. They did pray to God but did not consider it a religious holiday. The first religious day of Thanksgiving was celebrated in 1623.
As a child I remember Thanksgiving being a day of feasting, being thankful, watching parades and being with family.
I remember only 20 years ago all the shops, malls, restaurants, even grocery stores were closed on Thanksgiving. This gave employees the opportunity to spend the day with their family. I like to think they were also closed out of respect for the holiday. The last few years this has slowly changed. Many families are no longer together talking, sharing, laughing, watching children play and praying together on Thanksgiving. Instead many are out trying to catch the sales shopping for clothes, gifts and items for their house. Now restaurants are open for dinning out. Families are missing out on the big turkey being carved at the table, all the homemade foods and desserts. The thing sadder than missing the home cooked meal is the family missing sitting around the table together talking, laughing, praying, while children are playing and just being together for the day. Times have changed.

Maybe we should all sit back and reminisce about a slower time, back to a time with our parents and family sitting around the table enjoying our time together. Maybe we could just communicate with each other talk about our lives, about what we are thankful for and about how fortunate we all are to have each other and to be blessed by a loving God everyday. Its a time to teach our children to be thankful.

Enjoy your family this Thanksgiving. Make a memory for you children. Count your blessings and give thanks. Pray for blessings on your country, your family, friends and the upcoming year.


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