Major Weigh Down Update #1


On August 8th I posted my plans to have a major weigh down. I confessed that I must lose 75 pounds. I began my life change plan to achieve my weight loss on July 26, 2012. Before this date I had played around with different “diets” for 2-3 weeks. I would lose a couple of pounds and then gain it right back. I got very discouraged and pretty much quit.

On my major weigh down plan I am doing a portion control eating program. I am not using powders, diet pills, shakes, packaged low calorie meals or any artificial sweeteners. It is a strict portion control only plan. I portion out what I am going to eat. Once I have eaten that portion my meal is done. I have been using a salad plate instead of a dinner plate. This makes it appear as though I have plenty of food and I do not feel deprived. I eat almost anything I want. However, I do try to avoid over doing it on the fried foods. I have cut out desserts and have increased my fruits and vegetables. If my husband and I go out for dinner we order one meal and split it. This has not only helped me to stay true to my plan but also had a positive effect on my wallet.

I only weigh once a week. The first couple of weeks I lost between 4 and 5 pounds. Then it begun slowing down to 2-3 pounds. One week I only lost a 1/2 pound. That was pretty discouraging. Not sure why I did not have a good loss that week. Last week I did a little better with 1 1/2 pounds.

This week I am changing my plate size. I am now using a dessert size plate. My first experience with the new size was tonight at dinner. I felt like I had enough food and was completely satisfied. I am hoping the change will give me a boost.

As far as exercise I am walking about a 1/2 mile and riding a stationary bike for 5 minutes 2-3 times a week. I am doing water aerobics twice a week.

Thank you to those encouraging me and following me on this journey.

This weight is going down! I am now down 24 pounds.

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