Major Weigh Down Begins


As a child I was very small as most children are, right?  As a young bride I only weighed 92 lbs. Gave birth to 2 wonderful sons. Lost all my baby weight, no problem. Guess I can’t blame my huge body on my sweet sons. OK, lets go further and see what we come up with. Had to have half of my thyroid removed at the age of 23. Since there was no weight gain, can’t blame that. Had a hysterectomy at the age of 24. No weight gain then, can’t blame that.  Had gallbladder removed at the age of 34. Wait for it, wait for it…  Shortly after this,  I began gaining weight at a rapid pace. No matter what I did, I gained weight. I am now 52 and am miserably overweight.

Now I am not going to tell you how much I weigh, but I will tell you I must lose 75 lbs.

Let me tell you how I finally came to the realization that I had to find out why I gained weight after my gallbladder surgery and what to do to lose it.

For years I have dreamed of visiting a light house, going to the top, standing and dreaming of what it was like to live in one. To be the life light to incoming ships. Two weeks ago I finally got to visit that light house. It was beautiful. I couldn’t wait to get to the actual site and get to the top.

I was so heart broken when I found out to get to the top I had to climb 215 steps. This was something I had not anticipated, just never thought about it. I looked up the steps, and wanted to cry.  I knew I was too over weight to climb to the top of my dream. There was no way I could drag all this weight up 215 steps!  I decided then something had to change.  I had to lose the excess pounds.  I know this will be the only way I will be able to fulfill this dream as well as others, such as being  in the lives of  my sons as they are  raising my grandchildren to adult hood. I want to see my grandchildren grow to be adults and have families of their own. I want to enjoy retirement with my wonderful husband.  I  plan on climbing those 215 steps to the top of my dream! After a visit to a new doctor, I am more hopeful than ever that my dreams will come true. The doctor sat with me and talked with me at length. He was very careful to get all my history. When I told him I had gallbladder surgery, he confirmed what I had suspected.

My problem started with the removal of my gallbladder. The doctor said with out my gallbladder  my body can not break down fats. Apparently your gallbladder produces an enzyme that aids in the process of breaking down fat in your body. He gave me a supplement to take 3 times a day and he said I would need to do so for the rest of my life. This enzyme helps me to digest my food better and to break down the fats. Cutting down my calorie intake and taking my supplement I should see some progress in my weigh down. At this time my plan is to do portion control with my food. If this does not work I will be looking further. I am going to lose this weight and climb the 215 steps of the light house.

Follow my journey with me.  Give me an encouraging word from time to time, maybe a suggestion or two. Share my dream of my major weigh down.

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