Local Farmers Markets

We all have been known to search out grocery stores that offer organic foods. Did you know the best place in the summer to get not only organically grown foods, but locally grown organic foods, is at your LOCAL FARMERS MARKETS. 

I visit our Farmers Market almost very Saturday morning. I find awesome vegetables and fruits. Everyone knows that Farmers Markets offer fresh vegetables. Did you also know they offer: baked goods, fresh home grown flowers, plants, pickled goods,canned soups, relishes, jellies, locally grown honey and in season even items to decorate your home, such as corn stalks and pumpkins for your fall decorations.

On occasion you will even find locally grown and grain fed meats. When you support your local Farmers Market you are very directly supporting your community. Most Markets are open 2 or more days a week. Saturday Morning is the best day to shop, because more of the farmers are there. So on your next Saturday Morning, don’t laze around in bed, Check out your Local Farmers Market and reap the benefits of Locally Grown food. http://www.localharvest.org/

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