List of 7 watermelon Varieties


Like most people, I have always thought of watermelon as being red. However while at the farmers market a farmer was passing out samples of a yellow fleshed watermelon. It was delicious! I purchased one and brought it home. I cut it this morning to have for my breakfast. It was even better than the samples. It did have seed and they were lighter in color than the traditional red fruited melon. In my weigh down program I am having watermelon quite often as my breakfast meal. One cup only has 46 calories and provides me with vitamin C, potassium, and calcium.

There are several varieties of watermelon. Some are seedless, yellow, red, orange, small, large, spotted skin, and solid green skin. There is a special variety where the skin is speckled and resembles the moon and stars in the sky. Of course this melon is named Moon and Stars. Now that is pretty cool. It is amazing when you stop and think about the Creator doing such special little extras for us.

Most people just slice a watermelon and eat it. However, watermelon seems to be used in several drink recipes such as watermelon wine, smoothies, drunken watermelon, and watermelon lemonade. Then there are recipes for dishes such as watermelon cream pie and sorbet. Follow the link below to see the recipes.

Varieties of Watermelon

1.Sugar Baby only weighs about 9 lbs at a maturity and has a very sweet taste and red flesh.
2.Black Diamond can weigh in at 75 lbs and has red flesh.
3.Yellow Crimson can reach up to 20 lbs and has bright yellow flesh and black seed.
4.Orange Tendersweet has orange flesh, white seed, and reaches up to 25 lbs.
5.Orangeglo has orange flesh, off white seed, and an oval shaped. It can weigh up to 40 lbs.
6.Kleckley’s Sweet is crisp, sweet, and has red flesh with white seed.
7.Carolina Cross is oblong, has crisp red flesh, and can weigh up to 200 lbs.
Follow link below to see a complete list of watermelon varieties.

Next time I am at the farmers market I plan on looking for some of these varieties and trying them. Hope you will to and ENJOY.

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