Your Honey is so Good to you

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My husband eats oatmeal every morning sweetened with honey. I drink hot tea every morning sweetened with honey. Honey can be used in several dishes as a sweetener. In addition to being a sweetener you can make sandwiches, cookies, cakes, drinks and candy with honey. I have a couple of ways I enjoy honey. Peanut butter and honey with crackers is probably my favorite. I also enjoy apples dipped in honey. Honey has been used for its medicinal values for generations. Honey is known for the cough relief it offers. Most everyone has heard the theory of buying local honey for allergies. I have also heard that local honey helps with painful arthritis. Honey is very versatile.

To the locals of New Cape Region of New Zealand, Manuka honey is famous for its cure of hay fever. It can also be used world wide for its antiviral and antibacterial benefits. Bees in the area pollinate in the Manuka trees thus giving it the name of Manuka Honey.

We are always looking for something to give us more energy and vitality. There are energy bars, energy drinks, energy pills and gum. It might be a smart idea to try honey. Honey delivers such a boost of energy that even athletes use it to help them with energy. Just a spoonful of honey may give that extra boost we all need from time to time.

I enjoy trying different and natural types of skin care. I especially enjoy making my own facials with different foods. Honey makes a good facial cream when added to a little water. There are also other skin treatments that can be made from honey. In Asia honey and rice bran is used for diaper rash.

As I have already said honey is great for coughs. It is also great for sore throats. Just like other foods, honey has many varieties. The best variety for coughs and sore throats is buckwheat honey. While visiting Florida I purchased orange blossom honey. This variety has a mild fruity taste. I think the most common honey is clover honey. It is the taste we are most familiar with.

India uses honey for many conditions and illnesses. They use it to improve eyesight. They also use it to treat urinary tract problems, nausea, diarrhea, weight loss and bronchial asthma. If it works in India maybe it works in other locations.

Bees add a protein to honey. This protein has antibacterial benefits and can be used against drug resistant bacterial. Because of this protein honey can also be used to boost immune systems.

Those little bees work hard to make honey. We should take advantage of every benefit it has to offer. Your honey can be good to you and for you. Please remember because of the risk of infant botulism you should never give a child under the age of 1 honey. Just to be on the safe side always check with your pediatrician before giving honey to any small child.

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