Himalayan Salt is Healthier than Processed White Salt

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Many physicians say limit salt intake to control high blood pressure. This may be a myth. It may actually be low potassium that causes high blood pressure. There are also other health problems that can cause high blood pressure. Our bodies must have water, food, air, minerals and salt to survive. All land animals crave salt and the minerals it contains. Ocean animals require salt and therefore live in the salty ocean.

People do not realize how much salt their bodies actually need to survive. We are fooled into thinking the small amount of salt we add to our food is enough for our bodies to survive. It is enough only because of the amount of salt in our processed food. If our processed food had no salt, we could not survive on the small amount we add. Our bodies must have salt to retain the water and moisture in our bodies. Without salt all the water would go through our bodies at a rapid pace and be disposed of through the urine. Without salt our bodies would remain in a dehydrated and unhealthy state.

There are hundreds of uses for salt. Salt is used for preserving food. It adds trace minerals to our food. Soaking in salt water and using a salty bath scrub allows your body to absorb trace minerals. Gargle with warm salt water for instant relief of a sore throat. Salt gives flavor to the food we eat.

Salt options are pretty limited. Most all salt you purchase at the grocery store has been overly processed. Causing it to lose all the minerals. Iodized salt contains small amounts of trace minerals including iodine. Iodine is needed to maintain a healthy thyroid. Non-Iodized salt is basically used for flavor and for the bodies need for salt only and has no trace minerals. If a person has an allergy to fish they should use non-iodized. People with a fish allergy usually need to stay away from iodine. If you have this allergy consult with your physician about which salt to use.

There are other options at the health food store. The healthiest salt to consume is Himalayan salt. This is a pink salt that has been at the bottom of the Himalayan mountains for thousands of years. Himalayan salt contains over 80 trace minerals. This salt is great for promoting good oral hygiene. Some of the health benefits received from Himalayan salt are increased energy, improved concentration and it prevents bacteria build up in the lungs. This salt can be purchased online. or at a health food store. Also follow the links below to find out more information on the health benefits of Himalayan Salt.



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