GMOs in your chips defeat the Healthy Guacamole


Guacamole is probably one of my favorite snack foods. I have pretty much stopped eating it since I have been on my weigh down plan. The reason I do not eat it much is because of the added calories, fat and GMO’s in the chips that guacamole calls for. I do enjoy chopped avocado’s in my salad and sliced ones on my sandwiches. Avocados, the main ingredient in guacamole, are actually quite healthy. The fat content is a healthy fat so no problem there. Avocados are low in cholesterol and saturated fats. They offer heart health benefits and are very high in potassium and protein. So basically guacamole is a tasty way to receive healthy benefits from the avocado fruit. Lets figure out how we can cut out the not so healthy chips.

We need to avoid the chips that have been deep fried in unhealthy oil. Deep frying in oil causes high cholesterol and is not heart healthy. Therefore they cancel out the heart healthy benefit away from the guacamole.

Some chips are made with GMOs (genetically modified organisms) which make them even more unhealthy. GMOs cause liver damage, digestive problems, allergy problems and even fertility problems. We need to stay away from foods filled with GMOs.

Try using healthy foods to dip into the guacamole. Try carrot sticks, celery sticks, peppers, raw asparagus, romaine lettuce, broccoli or cauliflower. We do not think about it but almost any healthy raw vegetable you can dip into salad dressing you can use to dip into guacamole.

Follow the link below to find more ideas on serving and eating guacamole. You will also find a couple of recipes.

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