GMOs linked to another serious health condition


It seems you can not pick up a health magazine or read an article concerning health online without GMOs being talked about in some way. They are never talked about in a favorable light. I have yet to read anything that says GMOs are healthy and we should eat freely of the products containing them. I read today of yet another health problem that is on the rise. Gluten sensitivity cases are rising at an alarming rate and now affects 40% of all U.S. citizens. This condition has been linked to GMOs in our food. Gluten sensitivity is something that needs to be taken seriously. It can cause major intestinal problems. Problems that include diarrhea, painful gas, bloating and constipation so severe that it disrupts a persons daily routine. Headaches, depression, weight loss or weight gain and aching joints are a few other symptoms that can be excessive and severe. Children and infants are not excluded from this painful condition. As well as the other symptoms they also may experience a slow growth pattern. Keep in mind GMOs are allowed in infant formula.

When a person has a sensitivity to gluten the small intestine is damaged. This in turn causes damage to the gut wall causing it to fail in digesting food properly. This sets your body up for diseases such as irritable bowel syndrome and cancer. The book “The Gamble of Our Lives” by Jeffrey Smith explains how GMOs destroy the digestive tract of mammals. It goes further to state that GMOs cause holes in the lining of the gut which leads to leaky gut syndrome.

Removing gluten and GMOs from your diet can help to heal the gut. Wheat, rye and barley are most likely to contain GMOs. Because of cross processing, contamination shows up in other grains. Changing diet and adding appropriate supplements, probiotic and healthy fats will aid in the healing process.

Remember to read labels for ingredients that contain GMOs and gluten. If you suspect a gluten sensitivity see your doctor.

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