Gluten and celiac disease


Have you noticed the changes in our food over the last few years? Over 50 years ago people grew their own food or purchased it from a neighbor. People worked hard in the fields pulling weeds and chopping weeds with a hoe. They did not use poisons as freely as today. They watered from springs only when they had to. They waited for rain if at all possible. Over the years our food has lost so much of its valuable health benefits. Now crops are heavily sprayed with pesticides and fertilizers. Special chemicals are put on our vegetables to make them larger. The days have passed where the weeds are pulled or chopped out. Weed killer is now sprayed on a regular basis.

Even the wheat grown today is different. We have to have hybrid or super charged grain. Why can’t we just have regular grain for our bread? Our wheat has been altered so much that it is not healthy anymore. Wheat now spikes your sugar level worse than actual sugar. This has been caused by crossbreeding plants and trying to make super grain.

The change in wheat has caused other issues as well. One being the increase in gluten. Years ago wheat only contained about 3% gluten. In recent years this has increased to 50%. This is caused from the production of hybrid wheat. Hybrid wheat was introduced into our lives because of the high yield, meaning more money at the cost of the health benefits. The overload of gluten is bringing with it many health issues such as constant inflammation, digestion problems and many autoimmune diseases.

Wheat is not the only culprit of gluten. Processed foods also have gluten in them. Flour, couscous and rye gives us a dose of gluten.

Celiac disease is one of the main health issues caused from gluten. This is a combination of damaged small intestinal wall and villi damage. This disease causes cramping and diarrhea. This sounds very simple and no big deal. I have had a close up view of someone with this disease. Believe me it is a big deal. Imagine not being able to eat food that contain most types of grains. Imagine going to a restaurant having to have your food prepared in a separate kitchen. If even the slightest dust from grain containing gluten comes in contact with your food, it will make you sick. Imagine having stomach pain and diarrhea on a daily basis. This daily event makes a person weak and depressed. Most people with celiac also have autoimmune problems. It is not a fun life.

If you notice stomach pain or sudden onset of diarrhea following a meal containing wheat or flour on a consistent basis, you should see a doctor and ask about the testing process to check for celiac disease.

Bottom line is if our food could just go back to the natural ways of years gone by we would all be healthier.

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