Fruits and vegetables inside and out

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Nature has given us a wide array of fruits and vegetables. We prepare and consume them for nutrition and good health.

Have you ever thought about the fact that if these foods are good for the inside of our bodies, what about the outside? What about skin? Can skin benefit from some of the fruits and vegetables we eat?

Strawberries are delicious almost any way you want to eat them. They not only taste good but are very healthy for you. We do not usually think of them as being in our medicine cabinet or in our makeup bag. Maybe we should. I learned a trick a couple of years ago. Once a strawberry becomes too ripe to eat, mash the ripe strawberry up with a fork and mix with plain yogurt. This makes a great facial mask. Spread on your face and leave on for about 10 minutes. The salicylic acid removes the dead cells from your face and gives a fresh glow to your skin. It makes your face feel very refreshed and smooth. Be sure you are not allergic to strawberries before trying the mask. It can have the same effect as eating them.

It is believed that cucumbers helps with swelling and dark circles around the eyes. This method is used in spas all around the world. Women everywhere swear by this method to make their eyes look healthier and prettier. Sliced cucumbers make great eye pads for soothing tired eyes. Cucumbers can also have the same cooling effect on the skin making it feel very refreshed. Blend up cucumbers and plain yogurt. Mix together and spread evenly over face. Leave on for about 10 minutes. Use a wet face cloth to remove. Be sure to watch for allergies to any food before using as a mask.

We are all familiar with the saying “peaches and cream complexion”. Well how about using a peach mask to give you that creamy smooth face. Peaches contain fruit acids that exfoliate, plus Vitamin C and Vitamin A, which are both excellent for the skin. I use plain yogurt and mashed up peaches with just a small amount of oatmeal to clean and exfoliate my face. Spread evenly on face. Leave on for 10-15 minutes. Splash with warm water and remove excess with a warm wash cloth. Finish up by splashing cool water onto face.

Just thought I would share these foods that are as good for outside as inside. Please remember always make sure you are not allergic to any foods you use on your skin. After all you will absorb some into your body.

I never measure the ingredients. I just mix up what ever I think will work. Hope you enjoy trying out these facial masks.

Remember fruits and vegetables inside and out makes for a healthier more beautiful you.

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