Front Yard or Back Yard Garden?

Traditionally you see a vegetable garden in the back yard of a house. However that does not mean there is anything wrong with a garden in your front yard. That is up to the people living in the house.

A couple in Canada has been growing their vegetables in their front yard.  They own their own land.  The reason, why they want their garden in the front yard. Sunlight does not reach the back yard. This couple has put around $2500 in this front yard garden. Certain vegetables need more sunlight than others. This is a couple that wanted to grown healthy fresh vegetables, and now they are being told remove it or be fined by the city.

The reason they are being told to remove it, is because the city says  there is not  enough grass in their front yard.

This practice also takes place in several states in the United States. Sometimes the cities are actually clearing the garden out of the front yards themselves, and not allowing the land owners to remove it.

I am sure there are some people who are not able to grow gardens in their back yard. Maybe not enough sun, rocky, bad soil, bad drainage. These folks are being denied the right to grow their own food. This hurts financially, some may feel it hurts their health.

I am not sure I would want my vegetable garden in my front yard. However it is my land and if I want to plant my front yard   full of corn or squash or eggplant, whatever I want, I should be able to do so. If I want a vegetable garden in front and back, that is my business.

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