Food can help relieve and protect during a Stressful Time

Almond Shells

Most everyone has heard the saying “Stress will kill you”. This actually is a true statement. Stress can cause several diseases illnesses and conditions. It can cause cancer, weight gain, ulcers, miscarriage, acne and many others. Does stress cause gray hair and wrinkles? Yes it sure does. If you need evidence just look at a picture of an incoming president and then look at that same president four years later. You can see what stress does to the appearance of a person. No one can live their life with out heart ache and stress at some point. There are ways to help people deal with stress. Massage, meditation, prayer, yoga, sex, laughter, music and taking a walk are all excellent stress relievers. Taking medicine to relive stress is not a good idea. This can just cause other health problems and conditions. There are also foods that can help you deal with stress.

1. When your stress levels are high it depletes your body of many needed nutrients. Eating foods to replace the stress relieving nutrients is a natural way to get relief from the stress in your life. Vitamin B, zinc, magnesium and omega 3 are some nutrients that helps a person deal with stress. Foods that replace these would be different types of nuts, especially almonds. Just a hand full a day will help keep stress away. They will also give relief when you are stressed out.

2. Oily fish is another great source of omega 3. Omega 3 boost brain function and mood. This helps anxiety and depression which are sometimes side effects of stress.

3. Chocolate is a delicious food to help with stress. Remember to indulge in this one very cautiously. Eating too much can cause an issue with your weight which would cause health problems of its own. Only a small portion of 40 grams of dark chocolate can release “happy chemicals” into the brain.

4. The next food is totally opposite from chocolate. Spinach and other dark green foods are also great and healthy foods. They decrease stress and its ill effects on your body. Greens are loaded with magnesium. Magnesium relaxes your muscles, where you carry a lot of your stress. They also have folic acid which helps make dopamine in the brain. Dopamine is associated with pleasure and happiness.

5. Oranges, strawberries, broccoli, and peppers boost vitamin C in your body. Vitamin C is important when your body is stressed. The C protects your body from free radicals and illness which can occur when you are experiencing a stressful period in your life.

I hope this link will provide some help in dealing with stress in your life.

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