Why Can’t Everyday Be Like Christmas?

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The Christmas season is in full swing. I truly enjoy this time of year. It is a time for renewing relationships, friendships and faiths. Its a time to show appreciation to people that have made our lives easier and better through the year. What is it about the Christmas season that causes people to take a look at their lives? What is it about Christmas that brings out goodness and kindness in people? What would the world be like if Christmas was all year long?

All through the year I think about who I want to have in our home for dinner or lunch over the holidays. I watch for new recipes to try during the next holiday season. I think about what I can do that will be special for my friends, my loved ones and even strangers or acquaintances. Why do I plan and wait? Why do I want to save up all the kindness and hospitality for one to two months at the end of the year? Why do I not show people that they are welcome into my home and life all year? I do know I enjoy having people in my home when it is fully decorated for Christmas. It seems like when the house is decorated it just looks so festive, so happy and cheerful. Maybe that is partially the reason I get so excited about having people in during this time of year. Is that a real reason for not opening up my heart all year? I don’t think so. This next year I want to welcome each opportunity I have to share love with others. My family knows I love them all unconditionally. I want to show them with deeds all year not just with words. I want to show my extended family and friends how much they mean to me all year long. People receive tons of well wishes during the holiday season and maybe very few or even none the rest of the year. All of us need kindness, well wishes, hospitality and love all year long. We all need emotional support all year through. We all need to feel special all year.

There is absolutely nothing more important or special to me than seeing my precious husband, sweet sons and their families happy and smiling. This year was the first holiday season we all have been together in 6 years. Even though it was a couple weeks before December 25th it was Christmas just the same. The whole family arrived at my house last week. It was great to renew the tradition of all of us decorating the Christmas tree together. We shared laughter, meals, dreams, wishes, gifts, hugs and love all week. It was fun to have all the grandchildren together playing and laughing. What pleasure it was to have both girls in the kitchen with me preparing meals, talking and laughing. Of course the grandchildren were in on the kitchen act helping me make cookies and candy. On the day we set aside to be our Christmas day, we woke up early and gathered around the Christmas tree to open packages. All the little ones sat in a semi circle waiting to see what they would receive. They were so excited and happy. Each one of them without being coached gave hugs and said thank you making me very proud. We could ask for nothing more this holiday season than what we have already received.

What an awesome time it was in our home this holiday season. Shortly after opening our gifts, sharing laughter, thrills and watching the happy faces of our family, we heard the sad news of the senseless school shooting in Connecticut. Immediately our hearts saddened. I realized there were 26 families who would not have the same experience this holiday season that I had just been blessed with. They will experience emptiness, tears and sadness. My heart hurts for each and everyone of them. I will continue praying for strength for these families to get through this season and the upcoming years. I am so thankful for my family and all of the blessings in my life.

In the fast approaching New Year why not treat each day as Christmas? Make your New Years resolution: 1. Each day show kindness to someone. 2. Set aside time each week to do something helpful for someone. 3. Set aside each month a time to invite people into your home to share time and a meal. 4. Reach out to the lonely, hurting and sad all through the year. How would the world change if everyone made these their New Years resolution? It takes the country to change the country.

I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a safe happy 2013.

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