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If  you follow my blog you know I enjoy natural and homegrown foods. I feel like these are the healthiest foods to eat.  Sometimes it is scary to read or hear about the chemicals and artificial ingredients in our food. Food  scientist are beginning to really speak out in a negative way about several of the foods we eat. In order to protect our bodies and health we all need to pay attention to what we are eating. Listen when someone in the know speaks about the dangers in our food and environment.

The less processing our food goes through the better for our health. Eating raw vegetables and fruits is healthiest foods to eat. Eating organically grown vegetables and fruits is always the best choice.

I would like to bring to your attention 7 warnings  from 7 specialist about  7 foods that we all should avoid.  These 7 foods been researched and studied by 7  people that spend their time uncovering foods we should and should not eat. They study what chemicals, pesticides, hormones , fertilizers and the act of processing does to our food.

1.  The food that Fredrick Vom Saa who is a endocrinologist, says to avoid is CANNED TOMATOES. The danger is in the lining of the can.  The lining of the can contains  a form of  synthetic estrogen which can cause many health problems. The acid in the tomatoes cause the synthetic estrogen to leak out into the tomatoes.  Some of the  health problems he mentioned were diabetes, heart disease and reproductive issues.

2.  Cattle live in the fields where they were meant to spend their time eating grass. According to Joel Salatin author of several books on sustainable farming  we should stay away from CORN FED CATTLE.  Cattle fed corn has less nutrient value to us. They also have more fat this causing heart disease.  Today’s farmers want to make as much money as they can . This is only fair they should make money but not at the expense of our health. They are feeding their cattle soybeans and corn to make them gain weight quickly. A fat cow brings more money than a thin one. I think it is interesting that humans eat green leafy food such as salads, turnip greens, water cress and broccoli to stay slim and trim.  Cattle eat green grass and stay smaller than if they are fed other foods. I have never thought about this before. Interesting.

3. If a toxicologist says do not eat MICROWAVE POPCORN you can bet I am going to stay away from it. Olga Naidenko says the lining of the popcorn bag has chemicals in it that causes many health problems. In animal test, it was discovered that three types of cancer ( liver, pancreatic and testicular) could be linked to the chemicals found in the lining of microwave popcorn bags.

4. When a farmer says he does not eat a food that is grown yearly on farms  all over the country we should listen. Jeffrey Moyer is a farm director and he says he never eats NON ORGANIC POTATOES. A potato is a root food, meaning it grows on the root of the potato plant underneath the ground. Of course we all know when we spray poison to kill grass and weeds we want the poison to soak into the roots. When we eat that potato that is grown under the ground and on the roots, we are eating poison and chemicals. Next time I need potatoes I definitely will  be heading to the health food store.

5. Fisheries expert Dr. David Carpenter says he will not eat FARMED SALMON.  His reason for this decision is the living conditions and the feeding of farmed salmon. He also has a concern about  the danger of antibiotics and pesticides in such high levels that are found in them. However he says you could eat a meal of farmed salmon once in a five month period and not have danger of developing cancer from the contamination of these salmons. Wow that is not very often. He must really have a major concern about this food.

6.  I really enjoy a cold glass of milk or cup of hot chocolate. In order to help dairy cattle produce more milk, they are given bovine growth hormones. Rick North a cancer researcher says he will not drink MILK PRODUCED WITH ARTIFICIAL HORMONES. He does say that there is not 100% proof that the hormones found in the milk  causes cancer.  However high levels of the same  hormones found in the milk has been shown to increase certain types of cancer in people. I guess that is enough proof for him. He’s not drinking it I think it is enough proof for me as well.

7.  This last food is going to surprise everyone that is reading this. This word comes from  organic  foods expert, Mark Kastel. The food he will not eat is CONVENTIONAL APPLES. Those beautiful apples growing on the trees are one of the most poisoned foods. Apples are sprayed with chemicals and poison often and in large doses.  Maybe  the evil queen poisoned  Snow White with an apple just picked from the tree. Maybe she did not have to add any poison to it. I have a friend who eats apples regularly. She has never had a problem with any type of allergic reaction after eating an apple. Recently she was eating an apple. She began to notice she was hot. Then shortly after that she noticed her skin itching and noticed it being blotchy red. She was taken to the hospital. It was determined that she had gotten an apple that was heavily sprayed with pesticides. She was having a reaction to this pesticide. The pesticide had soaked into the apple.  Chemical and poison filled pesticides caused her adverse reaction to something as innocent as an apple.

Shop for organic when possible. Please check out the link below to tell you the full extent of the dangers in these 7 foods. This link will also give you advice on detecting and staying away from the 7 dangerous foods.









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