Dopamine helps with weight loss

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I am on a weigh down plan. Anything I can read about weight loss I do. I stumbled across an article about dopamine aiding in weight loss so of course I had to read and share.

Small changes in your diet can boost dopamine in the brain. This helps with mood and weight loss. Dopamine is produced by the brain. It controls weight, body movements and supports circulatory system.

Low dopamine in the brain can lead to weight gain, depression and low energy. It can also cause jerky muscles, involuntary movement of limbs and speech problems. Low dopamine over a period of time can cause Parkinson’s disease. If you have the right amount of dopamine you can lose weight easier or maintain your healthy weight. The correct amount give a person a feeling of contentment and happiness. It can also raise your energy level.

There are foods to help maintain a healthy amount of dopamine in the brain. Protein is very important in the process of keeping the correct amount. Meat, fish, and eggs are all high in protein which would be very helpful.

Beets and apples are foods that aid in production of dopamine which in turns help with weight loss. They especially help with emotions and the feeling of happiness.

B-6 is a important vitamin in dopamine production. This is a vitamin that can be received from watermelons, beef liver, potatoes, starchy vegetables and non citrus fruit.

Eating foods high in folate also aids in production of dopamine. The foods that contain the highest levels of folate would be leafy greens, cauliflower, broccoli and papaya. In order to receive the benefit these foods offer you must eat them raw.

Amino acids also helps produce the production of dopamine in our brains. Look to fruits to give you the highest level of amino acids. Fruits such as strawberries, blueberries, bananas and prunes will give you a good dose of amino acids.

Vitamin B, C and E can be added to your list of dopamine boosters. There are also several herbs that help with dopamine production. Herbs such as peppermint, red clover, ginkgo biloba, dandelion, nettles can be added along with vitamin supplements to boost dopamine production.

If you are feeling tired and run down see you doctor. It is always best to rule out a more serious problem. Find more information in the link below

It seems food is our best defense against disease, depression and obesity. We just need to be sure we are eating the correct foods and the correct amount.

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