Cell Phone Warnings For Men and Women

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The verdict is still out on cancer danger from cell phones. The possible danger comes from the electromagnetic field (EMF) that comes from cell phones. EMFs are a low form of radiation. Extended exposure to EMFS may cause cancerous tumors to form. We have been warned that over use of the cell phone may be linked to brain cancer and cancer of the ear. We have been encouraged to use the hands free option on our phones or to use an ear piece. Just to be on the safe side I do use and encourage you to use an ear piece and the hands free setting on cell phones as often as possible.

The brain is protected by a thick skull. Thin skin protects the breast tissue. If there is a possibility that even with thick protection cell phones may cause brain cancer then would breast tissue not be at higher risk.I have noticed many women placing their cell phones in their bra. Inside the cup of the bra, in the strap and even in between their breast. Women that store their cell phone in their bra are being exposed to EMFs more than just using the phone for a brief conversation. Ladies please lay your phone on your desk, counter, on a table or leave it in your purse. Please do not put it in your bra.

Men I also have a warning for you. Keeping your cell phone in your front pocket may be harmful for you. Low sperm count has been linked to the EMFs coming from cell phones. If it lowers sperm count, is it also possible it may put men at a higher risk of developing prostate cancer? I know there are times you need to put your phone in your pocket. When you do turn the keypad toward your body more EMFs are emitted from the back of the phone.

I have also heard people say they keep their cell phone under their pillow at night or on their bedside table, meaning for a constant 8 hours they are being exposed to EMFs. If you must keep it within close reach put your phone on flight mode. This will lower EMFs and be safer.

I am really concerned about the obsession we all seem to have with cell phones. I know their are times we all feel like we have to be reachable. I think we need to be just as obsessed with our health, which would mean we need to put those cell phones down and away from our bodies when possible. Please see a list of tips on reducing cell phone usage.

1. Use your cell phone for quick conversations not for playing games or watching movies.

2. If you have access to a land line phone use it instead of your cell phone.

3. Spend more time with your family instead of with your cell phone.

4. Limit the number of people that have your cell number.

5. Walk a few steps and deliver a message instead of sending a text.

Follow the link below for more tips and warnings


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