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Vegetable Soup Recipe from Veronica


First real cold weekend of the season has settled on us in North Alabama. The thoughts of Thanksgiving and Christmas are in the air. In the air as well is the smell and thoughts of seasonal foods. Yesterday my thoughts were on hot soup. In cold weather hot soup is a comfort food for many folks including myself. I wanted to cook a healthy and tasty soup so I decided on vegetable soup. I have made vegetable soup only a of couple times and was not pleased with it at all. I decided to give it one more try.

A New Recipe From Veronica – Pork Tenderloin Stew


I have enjoyed cooking since I was a young girl. I remember being in the kitchen with my mom when she would be cooking. I enjoyed watching the way she put her meals together. My mom was very quick in the kitchen. She would have dinner on the stove cooking before most people could get the ingredients out of fridge. My mom was a great cook. She was a very basic cook never anything complicated or “fancy”. I remember my mom getting up and cooking a big meal for breakfast. Many mornings our breakfast would consist of fried chicken, fried potatoes, tomato gravy and biscuits. Other mornings maybe it would only be chocolate gravy and biscuits or bacon, eggs and biscuits. As I grew older I do remember we would have cereal some mornings. Yes my mom was a great cook and teacher. I however enjoy the “fancy, complicated and experimental recipes. I enjoy going into the kitchen, getting out a cookbook, finding a new recipe, and trying it. One of my favorite ways of cooking is to just get ingredients and see what I can create. Thus coming up with a new recipe. This is what happened this week. For a couple of weeks I had been planing on making chicken stew and potato soup for a gathering of friends. Well, on Wednesday I went to lunch with some friends and we all had Pork tenderloin stew. It was great stew. I could not stop thinking about how to make my version of this stew. On Thursday I decided to try it. I bought the pork tenderloin and came up with “Veronica’s spicy Pork tenderloin stew”. Served it to our friends. They all loved it. Thought I would share my recipe with you. Serve with cornbread and ice tea. A great meal for these cold winter days.

Rethink Your Approach to the Flu

vaccine shot

Flu has hit early and hard this season. I was speaking with a nurse friend last week. She said the majority of people being seen in their office were for the flu. All of these patients are being prescribed a popular flu medicine. None are being advised on foods or supplements that would help with their symptoms or even shorten their days of misery. Flu season has arrived in our schools early this year. Due to the number of flu cases schools in several states felt the need to begin their winter break early. This rage of flu cases have arrived even though millions have received the flu vaccine.

The flu vaccine is toxic to humans and ineffective in preventing the flu. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention states that there are substances such as aluminum, egg protein, antibiotics and even dead human tissue found in the flu vaccine. This is only a partial list of substances found in the vaccine. To me this is enough to scare me away from it. I have only had one flu vaccine in my life. That was the same year I not only developed the flu once, not twice but three times. Do you see what I am saying about it not being effective in prevention? There are also dangers and side effects from the flu vaccine. Every year there are cases of paralysis and brain damage linked to the vaccine. Many researchers believe that the flu vaccine causes long term health issues. If a person receives just five flu vaccines in their life time they are 10 times more likely to develop Alzheimer’s. This is a comparison to people that received zero flu vaccines.

Weigh down Update #3

light house 4

Well here we are in November and the beginning of the holiday season is upon us. Halloween came with all of the tempting candy showing up in the stores. I actually was able to resist the temptation of buying any delicious chocolate candy. Thanksgiving is fast approaching. This holiday will bring the tempting pumpkin pie. Pumpkin pie is one my favorite desserts. I hope I will be able to resist eating this dessert in access. I do really enjoy the holidays and having the family together.

Health benefits on your winter windowsill

plants in ice

Fall is in full swing and winter is quickly approaching. There are very few gardens still growing vegetables. Farmers are becoming fewer and fewer at the local farmers markets. There are a few foods you can still enjoy during the winter months in your winter windowsill garden. I want to pass on an idea of growing a winter garden in your home. I know this sounds strange and there will never be a way to grow all of the great summer vegetables in your home. However, with the use of a rich composted soil, compact planting and consistent harvesting you can grow these nutrient filled foods in a small area right in your home and with very little work.

10 Foods top the list for GMOs


Why is it that the United States approves GMOs in their food? Japan, Australia and all the countries in the European Union have banned the use of GMOs in the food being sold to their citizens. The reason being it has been determined not to be safe. Why would it be safe for United States citizens but not for citizens living in other countries. As a matter of fact the senior adviser of the United States FDA was once the vice president for a company interested in marketing genetically modified foods. While other countries are banning GMOs the United States has put people in charge of food inspection that have marketed GMOs.

Breast Cancer is # 1 health fear

pink ribbon

Breast Cancer is the number one health fear of most women. This fear is especially great if there is a family history of breast cancer. When I found out my sister had breast cancer it brought on panic attacks, nightmares, depression, questions and FEAR. If we all sit down and think of eight women in our life statically one of them will develop breast cancer. This statistic alone can bring on fear and depression.

Turnips are a great low carb choice

Season's Bounty

A turnip is actually the root of the turnip green. I think the turnip itself is overlooked. It is sometimes just left in the ground and the greens picked off. The turnip can be prepared in the turnip greens or alone. I have cooked turnips by chopping them into the greens and enjoying as one dish or served with pinto beans, fresh onion and cornbread. Oh man what a great meal. The only other way I have prepared turnips is by chopping, boiling and mashing like potatoes. Add salt and pepper and they are really tasty. They are low in calories, carbohydrates and high in fiber. Making them a great option for most weight loss plans. If you are on a diet, mashed turnips are a better choice than mashed potatoes. I have talked myself into a visit to the farmers market tomorrow. I am going to pick up turnips and turnip greens. Tell you the truth it did not take a lot of convincing. I really enjoy going to the farmers market. The season for turnips is fall and winter.

It really is the Great Pumpkin for you and your pet

small pumpkin

Pumpkins at the road side stands and at every market you go into is a sure sign fall has arrived. Seeing a pumpkin for some reason just makes me happy. It makes me think of family being together, of laughing kids making jack-o-lanterns, of baking and of having loved ones at your table. It also brings back a good memory of my two sons. They were probably in fourth and seventh grades of school. They decided they wanted to plant pumpkins to enter in the “County Fair best pumpkin competition”.

Pain during or After Exercise? Try Potassium


Shin splints, calf pain, feet and toes hurting. Sometimes exercise can really be painful. I stretch, I soak, I rest, I switch up movements and I got new shoes. I have not tried increasing potassium. Since I am on a major weigh down plan, I have increased exercise and have experience quite a bit of discomfort. I recently realized I have cut down on potassium packed foods. Could the discomfort and pain during and after exercise be from lack of potassium?

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