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Major Weigh Down #7


Just to update and inform those that may not remember or know that I begun my Major Weigh Down plan in August 2012. Since beginning the weigh down series I have updated six times, showing a total loss of 43 pounds. Please read the previous updates to catch up.
As 2015 draws to an end I realize I have fallen behind on keeping you updated on my progress. In this year I became even more dedicated to my weight loss plan. I continued with my plan of “portion control” and was still determined to lose weight without drugs or surgery.
In April of 2015 I weighed in with a total lose of 58 pounds. As you see it has been a slow process. In June I decided to kick my weight loss into full gear and get rid of this weight. I set myself a goal to lose 25 more pounds by the end of July.
July-October brought with it many surprises and changes to my life. ( Please watch for the full story on that coming soon.)
I stayed faithful to my “portion control” and was pleased with the scale reading at the end of July. I had a total weight loss of 80 pounds!
First of July brought not only happiness with my weight loss, it also brought a trip to Florida to visit my son and his family. It was a thrill to be able to pack smaller clothes then I had packed the last time I went for a visit.
Please remember to check back for the rest of the story.
I wish everyone a Very Happy and Healthy 2016.

Great Christmas Gift Idea!

Scan_20140919 (2)

No one can preserve foods  like Grandma and Mom, that is just the way it is.  We all say from time to time I sure wish I had some of Grandma’s pickles or maybe it was her canned squash, maybe it was mom’s tomato juice.  Have you ever wished you had their canning recipes?  Canning  recipes are being lost with each generation.

Veronica Cooked has come up with a great idea  for preserving family canning recipes. Sections such as preparing produce, processing, ingredients and a very special section for family memories.  The Blank Canning Recipe Book. This book has 100 pages of carefully planned out lined blank sections just for canning. What a great way to preserve family canning recipes and family memories. The Blank Canning Recipe Book makes a great wedding, birthday, Mothers day and don’t forget Christmas gift.  You, your family and friends will complete this recipe book. Pass it around to each family member and let them write their own recipes. What a great way to not only preserve the recipes but their handwriting as well. There is something about a recipe in a loved ones own handwriting makes it extra special.  Veronica came up with this idea when she discovered she had no recipe of any kind in her own Moms or Grand Mothers handwriting.







Today’s Sermon was NOT from the Preacher


As a young mother I remember praying every morning. I would pray for patience for the day. I prayed I would have patience with my two precious little boys. They deserved patience and required patience. I never wanted to get angry and yell at them. I know there were a few times I failed at both of my goals. However I prayed and did my very best. I loved seeing my boys smile. I loved knowing they knew they were loved. Being a mother can be the most rewarding job in the world.

This morning while in worship service at church I saw a young mother in front of me. I had watched this young lady grow from a child herself into a loving mother. She and her husband sat there with two small boys. I watched her as the youngest climbed around on her and the chairs. He was very quite while doing this. The only one that might have been inconvenienced or disturbed was his mom. She would look at him and give him a large smile. He would look back at her with adoring eyes and go on being a little boy climbing around.

Plastics and Brain Development in the Womb


What a miracle, what a blessing and what a joy a baby is. It is unbelievable the awesomeness of a new life growing inside a woman’s body. A loving mother will do anything to ensure the delivery of a mentally and physically healthy baby. She is sure to make all her doctor’s visits. She takes her vitamins and gets extra rest. She will go the extra mile to take care of herself and her unborn baby. It is so sad to hear of a woman who has put drugs and alcohol into her body during pregnancy all the while knowing that it can harm the precious growing human inside her. It is equally sad to think a loving mother may not know of hidden dangers to her unborn baby and small child. I would like to bring to the attention of all parents the following study. A recent study from a group of scientist at Duke University finds dangers to an unborn baby and a newborn in developmental stages. These dangers come from the BPA (chemicals) found in plastic storage containers, plastic cups, and plastic drinking bottles. These chemicals can cause adverse mental and physical conditions. An expectant mother should stay completely away from the plastics containing BPA (chemicals).

A New Recipe From Veronica – Pork Tenderloin Stew


I have enjoyed cooking since I was a young girl. I remember being in the kitchen with my mom when she would be cooking. I enjoyed watching the way she put her meals together. My mom was very quick in the kitchen. She would have dinner on the stove cooking before most people could get the ingredients out of fridge. My mom was a great cook. She was a very basic cook never anything complicated or “fancy”. I remember my mom getting up and cooking a big meal for breakfast. Many mornings our breakfast would consist of fried chicken, fried potatoes, tomato gravy and biscuits. Other mornings maybe it would only be chocolate gravy and biscuits or bacon, eggs and biscuits. As I grew older I do remember we would have cereal some mornings. Yes my mom was a great cook and teacher. I however enjoy the “fancy, complicated and experimental recipes. I enjoy going into the kitchen, getting out a cookbook, finding a new recipe, and trying it. One of my favorite ways of cooking is to just get ingredients and see what I can create. Thus coming up with a new recipe. This is what happened this week. For a couple of weeks I had been planing on making chicken stew and potato soup for a gathering of friends. Well, on Wednesday I went to lunch with some friends and we all had Pork tenderloin stew. It was great stew. I could not stop thinking about how to make my version of this stew. On Thursday I decided to try it. I bought the pork tenderloin and came up with “Veronica’s spicy Pork tenderloin stew”. Served it to our friends. They all loved it. Thought I would share my recipe with you. Serve with cornbread and ice tea. A great meal for these cold winter days.

Kitchen is full of remedies for flu, inflammation, fever and infection


Anytime you can avoid a chemical filled antibiotic it is best for your continued health to do so. There are times an antibiotic can not be avoided. An antibiotic kills millions of friendly bacteria. Our bodies need friendly bacteria to survive. Many infections and aliments can be treated and cured from simple ingredients found in the kitchen.

Garlic has many health advantages. Garlic is actually a natural antibiotic. Garlic and onion work together to kill the bad bacteria while increasing the friendly bacteria found in your body. If you are concerned about the odor that garlic may leave on your breath you can find a good garlic supplement at your local health food store.

Major weigh down update #5

lighthouse update 2

Well the holidays came and went. Food was everywhere I looked. I attended two parties. Hosted four luncheons in my home, not to mention the wonderful family dinners. Holidays are such a wonderful, fun and loving time. In our society we always think if two or more people are together there has to be an abundance of food. This is true especially during the holidays. I tried to remember that I was on a major weigh down journey and not over indulge. O.K. I have to admit I must not have done such a great job at it. I gained 7 lbs back of the 31 lbs I had lost. I was sad when I first looked at the scale. Then with my husbands help I realized it was no big deal. I would get back on track and lose that 7 lbs and more. I plan on continuing on my major weigh down plan. I have a little something coming up in July that has reset my mind. I WILL BE GRAND MOM AGAIN. I want to lose steadily until the baby is here. I want to feel great and have lots of energy to enjoy every moment of that new life.

Think and Rethink before you get the Flu vaccine

vaccine shot

I have just spent the majority of my time this week at the hospital. I was sitting with my mother-in-law who had a upper respiratory infection. She did not have the flu. However on a floor of about 40 patients 15 of them did have the flu. I was given a mask the day she was admitted. This was only until they were sure she did not have the flu. Even after it was determined she did not I continued to wear the mask. In my walks up the hall I noticed most all of the patients were elderly, looking to be 75 and up. The oldest person I heard of was 93. I directly spoke to five different families of patients there with the flu. All of them had been given the flu vaccine. All was either in an elderly facility, or pretty well home bound. How did they get the flu? They are not around that many people. They were given the vaccine. Goes back to my blog on December 31.The vaccine is pretty useless. It can also be harmful and possibly even increase peoples chance of getting the flu.

Foods for New Years and their Meanings. BBQ Ribs recipe to Enjoy


I guess everyone has their own New Years Eve and New Years Day traditions. Probably the most common is the food we prepare and eat on New Years Day. In the South you will find people consuming black eyed peas, greens, pork and cornbread. Of course I have to mention the tradition of watching ball games. Bowl games are on all day. Most stores have begun having New Years Day sales. So the more recent tradition that was added is shopping.

Eating black eyed peas has been tradition for over 1500 years. This tradition was started to celebrate the Jewish Holiday known as Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. Black eyed peas was thought to bring good luck during the new year. Folklore says the tradition of eating black eyed peas begun after the civil war. Black eyed peas were and still are so inexpensive they were considered to be a poor mans food. It was thought eating them would bring humility and lack of vanity into ones life. An old saying that stemmed from eating black eyed peas was “Eat poor on New Year’s, and eat fat the rest of the year.” Also the loose peas seem to resemble coins. Once dried peas are placed in water they expand thus symbolizing expanding wealth.

Rethink Your Approach to the Flu

vaccine shot

Flu has hit early and hard this season. I was speaking with a nurse friend last week. She said the majority of people being seen in their office were for the flu. All of these patients are being prescribed a popular flu medicine. None are being advised on foods or supplements that would help with their symptoms or even shorten their days of misery. Flu season has arrived in our schools early this year. Due to the number of flu cases schools in several states felt the need to begin their winter break early. This rage of flu cases have arrived even though millions have received the flu vaccine.

The flu vaccine is toxic to humans and ineffective in preventing the flu. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention states that there are substances such as aluminum, egg protein, antibiotics and even dead human tissue found in the flu vaccine. This is only a partial list of substances found in the vaccine. To me this is enough to scare me away from it. I have only had one flu vaccine in my life. That was the same year I not only developed the flu once, not twice but three times. Do you see what I am saying about it not being effective in prevention? There are also dangers and side effects from the flu vaccine. Every year there are cases of paralysis and brain damage linked to the vaccine. Many researchers believe that the flu vaccine causes long term health issues. If a person receives just five flu vaccines in their life time they are 10 times more likely to develop Alzheimer’s. This is a comparison to people that received zero flu vaccines.

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