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Olive oil is good for your health and your skin


I have used olive oil for years to cook with. I only use other cooking oil when making cakes. You can purchase virgin, extra virgin or non virgin olive oil. The extra virgin olive oil is the healthiest one. It is the one that has had less chemical refining. Extra virgin is the one that is in its most natural form. Most cooks know that olive oil is the best cooking oil for heart health. It helps to lower your cholesterol and also helps control blood sugars. It actually gives protection from heart attacks and strokes. I am not saying that if you cook with olive oil you are exempt from heart disease. I am only saying it does have heart health benefits. Did you know olive oil is also good for your skin?

Your Honey is so Good to you

Serbian MadBee

My husband eats oatmeal every morning sweetened with honey. I drink hot tea every morning sweetened with honey. Honey can be used in several dishes as a sweetener. In addition to being a sweetener you can make sandwiches, cookies, cakes, drinks and candy with honey. I have a couple of ways I enjoy honey. Peanut butter and honey with crackers is probably my favorite. I also enjoy apples dipped in honey. Honey has been used for its medicinal values for generations. Honey is known for the cough relief it offers. Most everyone has heard the theory of buying local honey for allergies. I have also heard that local honey helps with painful arthritis. Honey is very versatile.

Fruits and vegetables inside and out

woman washing face

Nature has given us a wide array of fruits and vegetables. We prepare and consume them for nutrition and good health.

Have you ever thought about the fact that if these foods are good for the inside of our bodies, what about the outside? What about skin? Can skin benefit from some of the fruits and vegetables we eat?

Strawberries are delicious almost any way you want to eat them. They not only taste good but are very healthy for you. We do not usually think of them as being in our medicine cabinet or in our makeup bag. Maybe we should. I learned a trick a couple of years ago. Once a strawberry becomes too ripe to eat, mash the ripe strawberry up with a fork and mix with plain yogurt. This makes a great facial mask. Spread on your face and leave on for about 10 minutes. The salicylic acid removes the dead cells from your face and gives a fresh glow to your skin. It makes your face feel very refreshed and smooth. Be sure you are not allergic to strawberries before trying the mask. It can have the same effect as eating them.

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