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List of 7 watermelon Varieties


Like most people, I have always thought of watermelon as being red. However while at the farmers market a farmer was passing out samples of a yellow fleshed watermelon. It was delicious! I purchased one and brought it home. I cut it this morning to have for my breakfast. It was even better than the samples. It did have seed and they were lighter in color than the traditional red fruited melon. In my weigh down program I am having watermelon quite often as my breakfast meal. One cup only has 46 calories and provides me with vitamin C, potassium, and calcium.

There are several varieties of watermelon. Some are seedless, yellow, red, orange, small, large, spotted skin, and solid green skin. There is a special variety where the skin is speckled and resembles the moon and stars in the sky. Of course this melon is named Moon and Stars. Now that is pretty cool. It is amazing when you stop and think about the Creator doing such special little extras for us.

Is Salad a Good Choice when Dieting?


If you are following my blog you know I am on a weigh down journey. On this journey I am planning to lose at least 75 lbs. I plan to lose this weight by portion control. I do not say I am dieting, and I know this has been said over and over but I truly do plan on this portion control being a way of life. At this point I have lost around 20 lbs. Today, I went in to a BBQ restaurant for lunch. I decided to have a smoked turkey salad with honey mustard. When my salad was brought to the table I immediately halved it and put half into a to go box. As I dipped my fork into the dressing and spread over the salad, I began to think. Is a salad always a good choice when trying to lose weight?

Fruits and vegetables inside and out

woman washing face

Nature has given us a wide array of fruits and vegetables. We prepare and consume them for nutrition and good health.

Have you ever thought about the fact that if these foods are good for the inside of our bodies, what about the outside? What about skin? Can skin benefit from some of the fruits and vegetables we eat?

Strawberries are delicious almost any way you want to eat them. They not only taste good but are very healthy for you. We do not usually think of them as being in our medicine cabinet or in our makeup bag. Maybe we should. I learned a trick a couple of years ago. Once a strawberry becomes too ripe to eat, mash the ripe strawberry up with a fork and mix with plain yogurt. This makes a great facial mask. Spread on your face and leave on for about 10 minutes. The salicylic acid removes the dead cells from your face and gives a fresh glow to your skin. It makes your face feel very refreshed and smooth. Be sure you are not allergic to strawberries before trying the mask. It can have the same effect as eating them.

Have you ever seen a sick monkey?


Monkeys really do eat bananas. When you visit the zoo, bananas are what they are eating and peels will be laying around. I do not remember ever seeing a monkey eat anything other than bananas. Just think about all the energy they seem to have, and I have never seen a sick monkey at the zoo. It makes you think about their nutritional well being. It must be pretty good.

Fluoride in our grapes?

Why would fluoride be put in our grapes or any of our food? I am a believer in leaving food as natural as possible. I think it is healthier in its most natural form than any other way. Even cooking removes some of the nutritional value from our food. Of course I know you can’t eat all food raw. But I do believe that we should have the option to add chemicals or other items to our food ourselves. We should not be stuck with added ingredients to our food.

Eat your Squash

Most of us think of squash as being a vegetable, however it is actually a fruit. Fruit or vegetable it is one of my summer favorites. I enjoy squash almost anyway you can cook it. Hard to say which one would be my favorite. Here are a few squash dishes I prepare: squash dressing, squash puppies, squash casserole, fried squash and squash relish. See recipe below for squash relish.

Front Yard or Back Yard Garden?

Traditionally you see a vegetable garden in the back yard of a house. However that does not mean there is anything wrong with a garden in your front yard. That is up to the people living in the house.

A couple in Canada has been growing their vegetables in their front yard.  They own their own land.  The reason, why they want their garden in the front yard. Sunlight does not reach the back yard. This couple has put around $2500 in this front yard garden. Certain vegetables need more sunlight than others. This is a couple that wanted to grown healthy fresh vegetables, and now they are being told remove it or be fined by the city.

Lemons can boost energy

Lemons are used in our kitchen everyday, and not just to make lemonade or to put in our tea. Did you know lemons can deodorize your garbage disposal and can be used for countless other jobs in the kitchen. Outside the kitchen lemons are very helpful with several health issues, sore throat, kidney stones, helps bring on a restful sleep  and relieves pain from several illnesses.

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