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Cell Phone Warnings For Men and Women

women on cell phone

The verdict is still out on cancer danger from cell phones. The possible danger comes from the electromagnetic field (EMF) that comes from cell phones. EMFs are a low form of radiation. Extended exposure to EMFS may cause cancerous tumors to form. We have been warned that over use of the cell phone may be linked to brain cancer and cancer of the ear. We have been encouraged to use the hands free option on our phones or to use an ear piece. Just to be on the safe side I do use and encourage you to use an ear piece and the hands free setting on cell phones as often as possible.

The brain is protected by a thick skull. Thin skin protects the breast tissue. If there is a possibility that even with thick protection cell phones may cause brain cancer then would breast tissue not be at higher risk.I have noticed many women placing their cell phones in their bra. Inside the cup of the bra, in the strap and even in between their breast. Women that store their cell phone in their bra are being exposed to EMFs more than just using the phone for a brief conversation. Ladies please lay your phone on your desk, counter, on a table or leave it in your purse. Please do not put it in your bra.

Cooking with a future Chef

little boy

Tonight my 11 year old grandson and future chef made dinner.

He had left a shopping list for me when he last visited a few weeks ago. I shopped yesterday and picked up the items he requested. I am including his list for interested readers. At the top of the list he put IMPORTANT.
His list is as follows: Chicken breast, buns, franks red hot sauce, fresh lettuce, pepper jack cheese, tomatoes, red onion and mustard.

After a discussion about baked or fried chicken and the major weigh down plan I am on, he decided to bake. I had no idea what a treat we were all in for.

His plan was to make his SPECIAL SPICY CHICKEN SANDWICHES. I am including his recipe for you to try.

Unhealthy diet and cleaning chemicals may cause ALZHEIMER’S

alzeheimers ribbon

I have written before that CANCER is a very dreaded word. In my life and many lives there is a another dreaded word. ALZHEIMER’S. Alzheimer’s is a disease that in its own way brings heart break and fear to the person and their family. Cancer can quickly rob a person of their life. Alzheimer’s can slowly rob a person of a life time of memories and independence. After being struck with Alzheimer’s my paw paw slowly slipped away from his family and lived his last few years in a total world of mental darkness. My dad had always feared that he too would develop this disease. My dad was diagnosed with the same disease about 4 years ago. The only good thing about Alzheimer’s is the patient does not realize he has developed it.

Fall is the season for apples and Fresh apple cake


In the fall we begin to see roadside apple stands. This is the time of year the apple orchards are harvested. Fresh apples just plucked from the tree are crisper and tastier. When I was a child the only time you got the opportunity to eat a caramel apple was when you went to the county fair or your mom made them at home. They are more readily available now. Caramel apples are seen at most groceries during the fall. Making caramel apples at home is a fun and easy family event. Most caramel candies have a recipe on the back of the bag. Warm apple cider is also another treat of fall. You can juice your own apples or purchase a jug of cider at the roadside stand. Warm in a pot on top of the stove. Do not use the microwave oven. Add a cinnamon stick for flavor and to use as a stirrer.

Natural foods become more readily available


Fall is here. Farmers are clearing out their gardens. Farmers markets are wrapping up their season for the year. Normally this would mean our natural, organic, locally grown and fresh garden vegetables come to a end until next growing season. This year this will not necessarily be true. Fresh and natural vegetables will be available all winter.

In the past it was difficult to locate a store that offered natural foods. When you did find one the foods were so pricey it was hard to work them into your budget. Finally in the last few months more of the well known grocery stores have added NATURAL FOOD SECTIONS. YEA!!! The demand for natural foods has finally been heard. Natural foods will always remain higher priced than non-natural foods. However there is now competition for natural food sales. This should slowly bring the prices down making it easier for people to afford healthier eating. Store owners once believed eating natural foods was a fad and it would pass. They felt there was no need to invest in an expansion of a natural section. They now see it is not a fad. It is the norm as more people are taking their health into their own hands. They also see that people are seeing the connection between good health and natural foods. They noticed the increase in the past few years of money being spent on natural foods. Natural food sales has increased over the last 5-7 years. Sales are now reaching over 630 billion dollars. Money always talks. The larger stores want a piece of that business.

Red, Yellow and Blue are they Good for You?


Do you read labels and packages? More and more manufacturers are putting on the front of their containers or packages “NO ARTIFICIAL COLORS”, “NO ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS” AND “NO ADDITIVES”. Why do they feel the need to tell us this? They do it to set themselves apart from the companies that are adding these things to their products.

So many of our foods have artificial ingredients and even chemicals in them, that the companies that do not add these ingredients and chemicals are having to label that their products are free of them. On a continued basis our food is compromised in many ways. It is all for one reason, to sell their product. They elect to forget how unhealthy these additives are for us. When will companies responsible for providing us with our food, actually be held accountable for what they are doing to peoples health?

A Simple Picnic


Picnic basket, blanket, food, sunshine, ants, shade tree, laughing, ice chest and talking. What do all of these words have in common? If you said things you might see on a picnic. You are right.

All of my family and friends know having a picnic is one of my favorite things to do. I have been told that even as a child I enjoyed picnics. My aunt, told me that even before I could talk plain I would always ask to go on a picnic. She said, whoever I was with knew that when meal time came I was going to ask to eat out doors. I really do not have a clue what first attracted me to picnics. I do know that as I got older I realized that I enjoy the direct attention people give each other when they are out doors. No TV or phones to distract from each other. It is fun to sit out in the fresh air, talk, laugh and play. It is fun to talk about the nature you see around you. It is a fun time for people to experience and share.

Preserving For the Winter

squash small

As the summer of 2012 comes closer to the end so does my weekly trips to the farmers market. My weekly visits will be put on hold until summer of 2013. Putting vegetables on hold is not quite as easy as putting a date on a calendar. However it is not very difficult either. This is the time of year to preserve for the winter. Preserved fresh, locally grown and organically grown vegetables will taste much better this winter than the ones you find in the freezer section of your grocery. Not to mention the self satisfaction of knowing you have done the best you can for your family. I like to freeze some squash for squash casserole, stewed squash and squash puppies. (Squash puppies are delicious with beans, chili, soups, leafy greens or fish. You just add grated squash to your favorite hush puppy recipe.) I also try to freeze some okra for stewing or baking. I like to can some squash relish and some jellies to share with family and friends. I have gotten my squash relish canned and that is all. I am behind this year and I will need to get to work over the next few weeks to catch up.

A fun Interview with a future CHEF

little boy

Everyone that knows me knows I absolutely love my grandchildren just as all grandmothers do. With grandchildren it is like watching your own children grow up again. It is so much fun to talk to them and listen to their dreams. I have a grandson who is 10. He has a dream of being a chef. Today I thought it would be fun to interview him and talk to him about his dream.

I told him I wanted to ask him some questions about being a chef. He was all for it. He loves to talk about food, cooking and being a chef. For the purpose of the interview he wanted to be called “Jimmy”.

Microwaves Reduce Nutrients in Food


There are likely very few high school students and no elementary students who remember living in a home without a microwave oven. These age groups have always been able to put pastries, popcorn, pizza, water, chicken, and just about any food or hot beverage into a microwave and have it be hot and ready eat or drink in less than 5 minutes.

In the 1950’s and 1960’s food was prepared on top of a stove or in the oven. Yes it is true it took a longer period to cook chicken. I am sure there were anxious husbands and children waiting for dinner. Instead of practicing and teaching patience people began looking for a faster way to get their meals prepared. Of course companies leaped to the challenge of finding a speedier way for wives and moms to cook.

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