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Turnips are a great low carb choice

Season's Bounty

A turnip is actually the root of the turnip green. I think the turnip itself is overlooked. It is sometimes just left in the ground and the greens picked off. The turnip can be prepared in the turnip greens or alone. I have cooked turnips by chopping them into the greens and enjoying as one dish or served with pinto beans, fresh onion and cornbread. Oh man what a great meal. The only other way I have prepared turnips is by chopping, boiling and mashing like potatoes. Add salt and pepper and they are really tasty. They are low in calories, carbohydrates and high in fiber. Making them a great option for most weight loss plans. If you are on a diet, mashed turnips are a better choice than mashed potatoes. I have talked myself into a visit to the farmers market tomorrow. I am going to pick up turnips and turnip greens. Tell you the truth it did not take a lot of convincing. I really enjoy going to the farmers market. The season for turnips is fall and winter.

Your Honey is so Good to you

Serbian MadBee

My husband eats oatmeal every morning sweetened with honey. I drink hot tea every morning sweetened with honey. Honey can be used in several dishes as a sweetener. In addition to being a sweetener you can make sandwiches, cookies, cakes, drinks and candy with honey. I have a couple of ways I enjoy honey. Peanut butter and honey with crackers is probably my favorite. I also enjoy apples dipped in honey. Honey has been used for its medicinal values for generations. Honey is known for the cough relief it offers. Most everyone has heard the theory of buying local honey for allergies. I have also heard that local honey helps with painful arthritis. Honey is very versatile.

Risk of Breast Cancer has Risen to 1-8. Ways you can help prevent it

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There is no good cancer. Cancer of any type is bad. Since 1987 October has been Breast Cancer Awareness Month. People also know this October as pink month. October is the month leaves change to orange and gold. Light bulbs, soda cans, hair, plastic cups are a few items that change to pink. Just about anything we use in our daily lives is made in pink for breast cancer awareness. Pink has become the one color associated with breast cancer. Instead of breast cancer awareness I want to learn about breast cancer prevention.

Reduce Calorie Intake for longer life

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On my MAJOR WEIGH DOWN journey I have been on a portion control plan. A portion control plan would be be the same as caloric restriction in my opinion. With my portion control I am indeed restricting my calories. I know reducing my calories will enable me to lose weight and improve my health. With improved health, I hope to be able to enjoy a longer, more active and productive life.

Recently the National Institute on Aging conducted a study. This study was on the safety and benefits of calorie restriction on slightly overweight people in their thirties. These people reduced their calorie intake by 25% for 6 months. Of course the people in the study had a decrease in their weight as well as health improvement. They showed less liver fat, improved DNA damage, better blood pressure, reduced triglycerides and better insulin numbers.

Cooking with a future Chef

little boy

Tonight my 11 year old grandson and future chef made dinner.

He had left a shopping list for me when he last visited a few weeks ago. I shopped yesterday and picked up the items he requested. I am including his list for interested readers. At the top of the list he put IMPORTANT.
His list is as follows: Chicken breast, buns, franks red hot sauce, fresh lettuce, pepper jack cheese, tomatoes, red onion and mustard.

After a discussion about baked or fried chicken and the major weigh down plan I am on, he decided to bake. I had no idea what a treat we were all in for.

His plan was to make his SPECIAL SPICY CHICKEN SANDWICHES. I am including his recipe for you to try.

Unhealthy diet and cleaning chemicals may cause ALZHEIMER’S

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I have written before that CANCER is a very dreaded word. In my life and many lives there is a another dreaded word. ALZHEIMER’S. Alzheimer’s is a disease that in its own way brings heart break and fear to the person and their family. Cancer can quickly rob a person of their life. Alzheimer’s can slowly rob a person of a life time of memories and independence. After being struck with Alzheimer’s my paw paw slowly slipped away from his family and lived his last few years in a total world of mental darkness. My dad had always feared that he too would develop this disease. My dad was diagnosed with the same disease about 4 years ago. The only good thing about Alzheimer’s is the patient does not realize he has developed it.

Food can help relieve and protect during a Stressful Time

Almond Shells

Most everyone has heard the saying “Stress will kill you”. This actually is a true statement. Stress can cause several diseases illnesses and conditions. It can cause cancer, weight gain, ulcers, miscarriage, acne and many others. Does stress cause gray hair and wrinkles? Yes it sure does. If you need evidence just look at a picture of an incoming president and then look at that same president four years later. You can see what stress does to the appearance of a person. No one can live their life with out heart ache and stress at some point. There are ways to help people deal with stress. Massage, meditation, prayer, yoga, sex, laughter, music and taking a walk are all excellent stress relievers. Taking medicine to relive stress is not a good idea. This can just cause other health problems and conditions. There are also foods that can help you deal with stress.

Dopamine helps with weight loss

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I am on a weigh down plan. Anything I can read about weight loss I do. I stumbled across an article about dopamine aiding in weight loss so of course I had to read and share.

Small changes in your diet can boost dopamine in the brain. This helps with mood and weight loss. Dopamine is produced by the brain. It controls weight, body movements and supports circulatory system.

Major Weigh Down Update #2

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I have had a discouraging month with my major weigh down plan. I said discouraging but I did not say I am quitting. I am still very determined to lose my 75 lbs. I have tried to figure out what has went on this month. It seems like I have begin to crawl instead of leap. I only lost 4 lbs since my last update on August 28th.

Maybe some of the changes I made over the past few weeks have not been good changes.

I have began eating out nightly with my husband. We are still splitting our meal between the two of us. This makes it very inexpensive for us to eat out. This seemed inviting after a long day at work. I should have remembered I was on a weigh down plan not no a wallet weigh down plan. Maybe it goes back to the thing I have said before about cooking your own food and knowing exactly what is in your meal. Restaurants may add more salt. They may even sneak a little sugar in the food that I would not be adding. Either way this change is going to be altered down to only couple times a week.

Foods that help control DIABETES


Diabetes can be a very serious disease. There are two types of diabetes. Type 1 and type 2 are both very similar but at the same time very different. It would be hard to convince a person with either type that one is worse than the other. Both types have one very serious condition in common. Both types have the problem of unbalanced sugar and insulin in the blood.

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