5 foods may prevent the dreaded disease of CANCER


There are very few adults in the world that have not been affected in some way by CANCER. It is a word and disease that can frighten us to our very core. I think everyone has the fear of being attacked by this disease. I sure do and I look for anything that I can do to prevent it. Prevention is always the best cure for any disease. We never know if we or someone we love will be diagnosed with cancer. We do know that genetics have a lot to do with who develops cancer. Other factors can affect our chances of developing cancer as well such as stress, the environment that surrounds us and of course the food you eat. It seems every disease and cure turns to our food. Are we eating the right or wrong foods? Are there additives or chemicals in our food? There are many things for us to look at in regards to the food we eat and cancer. Wouldn’t it be great if we could discover exactly what foods to eat or not to eat to prevent us from ever having to worry about getting cancer? I recently found an article about a study that indicates there are 5 foods that may actually help us do just that.

The following 5 foods have been studied and are believed to help prevent cancer. If eating these foods decreased our chances in the slightest way from developing this disease it would be worth trying.

GARLIC has been known for a long time for its health benefits. It is believed to be a natural antibiotic and a possible anti cancer food. The way garlic and other foods are prepared has a lot to do with the health benefit we receive. Cooking garlic in a microwave depletes all of the anti cancer benefits. The best way to cook or heat garlic is to chop or crush and let sit for 10 minutes before cooking in the oven or in with other food. This opens up the cells of the garlic and allows the enzymes and chemicals to react maximizing the anti cancer benefits. Raw garlic, compared to cooked garlic, offers the most benefit. Please read carefully from the link below to know the correct way to prepare garlic to receive the greatest benefit.

Researchers at the University of Michigan have studied and discovered that BROCCOLI actually attacks cancer stem cells. This is because of a compound called sulforaphane. It is especially effective against breast cancer stems. This study went further and mentioned that consuming radishes and broccoli together increases the benefits of broccoli against cancer. We have to remember it is not just the food but also how the food is prepared and even what other food accompanies the cancer fighting food.

For many centuries the Eastern Mystics have recommended the hottest varieties of PEPPERS for their health benefits. In alternative medicine it is believed that the hottest varieties of pepper actually kill cancer cells. We all have a small amount of cancer cells in our body. It is when they grow and multiply that it actually turns into a disease. If hot peppers can kill cancer cells it seems to me that it would be a great food to eat to prevent the cells from over multiplying.

In recent years it has been brought to our attention of the outstanding benefits of drinking GREEN TEA. It is believed to fight dementia, alzheimers and some forms cancer. Drink one cup of green tea each day to receive the benefit.

POMEGRANATES for years has been believed to help with libido. In a recent study by researchers in California it was discovered that this fruit also stops cancer cell growth in its tracks. It especially helps fight prostate cancer.

It is very important to stay on a healthy diet, get plenty of exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Please follow the link below to find out more information on fighting cancer with these 5 foods.


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