Breast Cancer is # 1 health fear

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Breast Cancer is the number one health fear of most women. This fear is especially great if there is a family history of breast cancer. When I found out my sister had breast cancer it brought on panic attacks, nightmares, depression, questions and FEAR. If we all sit down and think of eight women in our life statically one of them will develop breast cancer. This statistic alone can bring on fear and depression.

A fact that the majority of people do not know is that men also have breast cancer. This is not just a disease that attacks women. Breast cancer is most common in women and is relatively low in men. One in eight women will develop breast cancer. One in one thousand men will develop breast cancer.

In this month of awareness everyone is encouraged to practice early detection. Monthly breast exams, mammograms and thermograms are devices we have to assist us in early detection. All women should practice a monthly breast exam and talk to your doctor about other testing that you might need.

Not only should we seek early detection of breast cancer we, should all work to prevent breast. The main prevention method begins with our food. It seems food is the main preventive and cure for so many illnesses. There are foods to avoid and there are foods to add to our diets. There has been in-depth research conducted in Northern Ireland. This research was on foods affects on breast cancer. This research was conducted on women who were at high genetic risk of developing this disease. High risk meaning their mother or grandmother had breast cancer. One thing that came out in this research was diet and how it put these women at higher risk. The women that were on a western diet which includes red meats and refined grains were at an increased risk. Women whose diets were high in fruits, vegetables and whole grains were less likely to develop breast cancer. Raw vegetables and fruits tend to offer more preventative benefits than cooked vegetables and fruits. Harvard has revealed that there is a connection between obese women and breast cancer. This is another reason to stay at a healthy weight.

Unfortunately the medical treatment of chemotherapy for cancer is very harsh and devastating to a persons body. Wheatgrass can ease side affects and even reduce the number of chemotherapy doses required to fight cancer.

Everyone wants to prevent breast cancer and all cancers. The number one prevention maybe in your own kitchen. Eat fresh raw vegetables and fruits daily. Lets fight to prevent breast cancer and hopefully we will not have to fight to cure it.

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