Grilling and BBQ Sauce


Everyone associates GRILLING  with summer time.  I know some people grill all year, then there are others like me,  it is strictly for summer time. Some people use rubs, some sauce, some marinate, some nothing, to grill with. I for one feel you can never get enough BBQ sauce.  I would eat BBQ sauce everyday, I guess I would even drink it, if people didn’t look at me funny. I just enjoy the taste of it. Especially on my grilled food. I have even put BBQ sauce on eggs,  potatoes, sandwiches, and oh my have you ever tried corn bread dipped in it.

BBQ sauce can be traced back to the 15th century with Christopher Columbus. In 1940 Heinz came up with the first bottled BBQ sauce, that was sold to the public. Up until this time, people made their own, everyone must have had their own recipes. There was none known to be published in a cook book before this time.

Varieties of home made sauce differs from state to state and country to country. In other words not all BBQ sauce is the same. In some the main ingredient is tomato sauce, others vinegar, others pepper. Alabama is know for it’s mayonnaise based ” white sauce” used on grilled foods, especially chicken.

In our present time when you shop for bottled BBQ sauce you can find many brands, varieties.

If you are a fan of BBQ sauce you will find this link interesting.  Enjoy and Happy Grilling with BBQ sauce.

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