20 Healthiest Foods in your Grocery Store

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When it comes to food options your local grocery store has thousands to choose from. The majority of these foods are not healthy foods. They may taste great but offer very little if any health benefits. Choosing from the top 20 healthiest foods will help keep a healthy weight, fight disease and build muscle. See the list below with some benefits on select foods.

2.ASPARAGUS is one of my favorite vegetables. Asparagus offers many health benefits. It is an awesome diet food. Asparagus is a natural anti-inflammatory. It is a great source of folic acid. Asparagus has cancer fighting benefits and halts cancerous tumors.
6.AVOCADOS are one of my favorites. I enjoy avocados on a sandwich or sliced in a salad. Avocados offer a dose of vitamins A,D,E and K. They are loaded with anti cancer benefits. They especially help prevent cancers of the mouth, skin and prostate.
8.BROCCOLI is a very versatile vegetable. It is delicious in salads, casseroles, and soups. It is also great steamed. Broccoli is known as a cruciferous vegetable. Broccoli helps to balance hormones. It is a good source of vitamins C and K. Broccoli offers anti-cancer benefits.
12.BRUSSELS SPROUTS are my favorite overall vegetable. Like the broccoli they are a cruciferous vegetable. They have a great taste and are very healthy. This vegetable offers vitamins B6, K, C, A AND E. You can benefit from the selenium these little sprouts offer. Selenium helps your body fight free radicals that try to invade our bodies. They also fight cancer of the bladder, breast, colon and lungs.
16.SWEET POTATOES are a great source of fiber, and multiple vitamins. Sweet Potatoes have a high amount of Vitamin A. Vitamin A is very important for eye and vision health.
19.CHICKEN BREAST is my meat of choice. I eat more chicken breast than any other meat. Chicken breast is the leanest of protein. Chicken breast offers Q-10 which our body needs for cell health. Chicken breast has no carbohydrates and is filled with 18 amino acids.
20.SALMON is not on my list of foods that I enjoy eating. I eat it very rarely and I know I am missing some health benefits. I need to try and enjoy salmon and have it more often. It is loaded with Omega-3 which is needed for heart health. When choosing salmon be sure to opt for wild salmon. Farm raised salmon is loaded with antibiotics. That pink color in farm raised salmon is no more than food coloring. When dining out ask your server if it is wild salmon.

When grocery shopping look for the healthiest foods. Your health is determined by the foods you eat. Follow the link below for more information on all 20 top foods.


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